The name is Foo Fang Yu. I have an English first name too, Joy. I also have a common nickname known as Foofy…

Loves music, reading, drawing, and expressing myself. still learning each aspect of what I love, hoping i am good enough to share my thoughts.

I hope what I reflect is a positive outlook on life, nothing is ever too bad that’ll take your life away right? Nevertheless, everyone should be entitled to days of gloom.

A friend once wrote this to me, i am thankful for and touched by it even till this day. It reminds me of why I am constantly allowing myself to think with optimism.

“I admire you’re strong inertia against melancholia, and even when you do fall prey to it, I admire your ability to rebound so quickly. While some of us are having difficulty feeling contented with life, you make it seem like it’s a stroll in the park with your attitude.”

Above all that, I really love eating, and I am good at it too. cos’ i eat like a guy~


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