For a short while, after a hiatus…

Have been “abandoning” blogging for quite some time now, mainly cos I don’t see the need to share my thoughts as i get older. but this post is really something close to my heart at the moment…

when we talk about students, we often assume that they cannot be bothered with their learning. while it is true for some, recently, i have actually encountered the majority – students who do care about their progress and education, even if they are not the cream of the crop. i think this is my blessing.

today is the day i experienced this thing called: “you regret what you don’t do”.

i questioned myself, would it be different if i had prepared? would i feel better if i prepared? and the answer.. it would not be different, but i would feel better if i did prepare. because i know i have tried.

on my part i was afraid that having put in preparation, only to receive a bad outcome, would demoralise the students.

most of the time we don’t want to realise our own shortcomings, or be reminded of them. yet, it is those moments that define who we are, and our potential if we had faced them courageously.

today, i may have lost, we may have lost… but personally i’ve learnt a lesson, do things so that you won’t regret. and of course, for those whom i am fortunate enough to meet – these brilliant and talented students, i hope they understand this lesson too.

lastly, more importantly knowing that: we are defined by our attitude and the heart we put into the things we do and experience. overtime, lessons from these  are accumulated, allowing us to learn and improve.

today, i learnt my lesson. and i decided to put this episode behind me, and continue my quest to see the positive in every situation.

thanks for reading, even if no one actually is reading.


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