inspired, everyday.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and that was how i started my Instagram journey. of course as a teenager it was to keep up with social media trends, and basically just explore things that appear to be hip and cool (whatever they mean back then and now).

anyways i have always thought that any pictures can express and make links to what i have to share.. however, today i couldn’t find any picture that expresses what i wish to say, at least i was not convinced that any picture will do justice to it. so i am penning down some long thoughts here.

this is a story about a friend, whom i had the pleasure to know when i just finished my JC years. i was working under her as a mentee, and my 6 months there proved to be invaluable and exciting. it forged the kind of work ethic that i would keep now and hope to still maintain in future. while we no longer keep in constant contact, i could still read about her updates on social media.

so this is her story. on this special Mothers’ Day, i see her as an inspiration.

throwback to five years ago… when i got to know her, she was taking her part-time degree, hence juggling work, studies, and being a mother. as a bystander, i was really in awe, how did she manage all these and still be so good and so ready everyday for every event in her life?

fast-forward to today… she chose to share that one of her child was diagnosed with autism, and gave her thanks on mother’s day for all the help and warmth she has receive. of course she moved on and painted these encounters with a pinch of salt. i am not a mother, but seeing her post, she is an inspiration.

maybe this story is not just about her. maybe this story is a reflection of how we go about in our everyday lives… how we thought that the events, experiences and emotions we had were the greatest and most important.

maybe this story is a reminder that, no matter what we are going through, everyone else is embarking on their own ride, one that is full of ups and downs. some chose to share it publicly to garner awareness or sympathy, and some, like my friend, picked herself up and carried on with optimism, in silent.

everyone has their own preference, and today i am inspired by the latter. the kind of everyday heroes who showed the world through their silent but powerful actions. this is the kind that i am inspired by and respect the most. thank you, Jenn for being an inspiration. and Happy Mothers’ Day to my own mother and all mothers i know 🙂




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