It is up to me

Some time back I read a friend’s post about how she received feedback about her inadequacies, and she also expressed her acknowledgement of all these feedback. It is tough, and at the same time she had hoped that her audience will be more forgiving and understanding.

well at first glance, it is true that as an outsider we can be really critical and harsh. however, when i think of her episode and tried to imagine it happening to myself… i honestly have no perfect answer.

nevertheless something remains… i will assume that my audience is not mature enough to make the right judgement call, but as someone who is there to guide them, i want to be a role model for them.

each day, i want to walk in to my class with my baggage left outside the classroom. to make the promise that i will not allow them to be subjects of my emotional release.

each day, i want to walk in knowing i have given my best at that moment. regardless of how receptive they are, they can feedback to me (both the good and the bad). to make the promise to them that i will try harder and be better. not because i can, but because i have the responsibility and maturity to show them how to react to adverse circumstances.

it is a marathon, it is tiring, but it is also a choice that we must actively make to embrace all these. i make that choice for now. #harrypotterfan #yourchoicesdefineyou