Exploring why you do what you do…

Hi, it’s a pretty random post but perhaps also one stemming from revelation. It is Week 3 of trainee-ship, meaning there are seven more weeks to go. Seven more weeks before I really get the hang of my ‘job’, and learn the ropes of how to do things ‘correctly’ and ‘nicely’.

Let’s unpack the sentence above…

‘job’, actually my choice of work is not just a job, at least not to me. At least for a long time since a few years back, I begin to realise that choosing this particular pathway means that I will not see it as just an income earning job. It is something bigger, and I still believe in it even if people tell me otherwise.

‘correctly’, three weeks into trainee-ship… I realised there is no correct way, there is the right way. Right refers to maximising good choices and good outcomes, while minimising the bad ones. Correct is too restrictive, too stifling, because when you deal with individuals there is just no single formula aka the correct way.

‘nicely’, still trying to figure this out. Again from observation, how ‘nice’ is being executed differs for everyone. Yet, the common thing is they just seem so natural, so reasonable and so effective. I know that with experience, the nice parts will surface more naturally, but I also hope it will be something I have in me too.

Anyways, so I was talking to a few seniors. Then I read something, and come to realised that… No matter what baggage a person has, there is always that ‘right thing’ to do.

That choice to be focus in the present, maximise and immerse yourself in the moment, and just make the most of it. It applies to working on a difficult head-cracking project, learning and focusing in the classroom, executing and delivering lessons, enjoying the company of strangers or people you know… Just being in the moment, it may be the best way to seek respite. Call it escaping reality or anything you want, at least there is an avenue to give yourself a chance to, begin again, for that short period.

Suddenly thinking about this, I think I may have found a possible response to “why I do what I do”.

PS: I am beginning to start my sentences with Capital letters again…


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