2015 is ending~~

Looking back at my blog, i always seemed to blog about serious, “cheem” stuff… that is quite unlike how i behave but i do think about things… nevertheless 2015 is coming to an end, and i think this time i want to blog about something light hearted.

i. Shocking thing of 2015: 孙俪 was once a contestant of Star Search!?
recently there’s a new popular Chinese drama 芈月传, it is a show by the same director and lead actress of 甄嬛传. so the lead actress is 孙俪, someone who is really superb at acting and a very respectable actress in China too. so the shocking thing was, she used to be a contestant of Singapore’s Star Search… fortunately she did not stay, i mean maybe she wouldn’t be as successful as she’s now~

ii. Resolution for 2016
quite an embarrass confession that i cannot keep my nails :/ so my simple resolution is to quite the habit of peeling my nails and just let them keep~

Merry Christmas~


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