2015 is ending~~

Looking back at my blog, i always seemed to blog about serious, “cheem” stuff… that is quite unlike how i behave but i do think about things… nevertheless 2015 is coming to an end, and i think this time i want to blog about something light hearted.

i. Shocking thing of 2015: 孙俪 was once a contestant of Star Search!?
recently there’s a new popular Chinese drama 芈月传, it is a show by the same director and lead actress of 甄嬛传. so the lead actress is 孙俪, someone who is really superb at acting and a very respectable actress in China too. so the shocking thing was, she used to be a contestant of Singapore’s Star Search… fortunately she did not stay, i mean maybe she wouldn’t be as successful as she’s now~

ii. Resolution for 2016
quite an embarrass confession that i cannot keep my nails :/ so my simple resolution is to quite the habit of peeling my nails and just let them keep~

Merry Christmas~



Okays, it’s this time of the year again where WordPress has this snowing feature for its pages ^^ the holiday season is coming and um… yea there is nothing much to say anyways… maybe except for the fact that i have been feeling really lazy and sluggish, and not really doing any work :/

nevertheless, if i were to look back at this year i can only say that time really flies, and it feels quite surreal about what the working world has to offer in time to come? anyways so i came across something today and i just wanted to share, it has got to do with one’s bottomline (is this the correct word?) in Chinese it is call 底线, something like the one guiding principle or one measure that you will never betray or cross no matter the circumstances.

coming back to this, my bottomline is i hope and want to always share the fact about situations and maybe even conflicting position of interests… saying how you really feel. it may be unpleasant, it may bring outcomes that are not exactly satisfying, but to me if things does not turn for the better, at least i can live with it; and perhaps then it’s really not meant to be. sometimes it is also an indication of being stubborn, but really, why not be kinder to yourself (make yourself feel better)… and for people who are worth it and for people who matter to you, at least you didn’t try to cover it up.

okay i am digressing a little, but i often think that we choose the position we want to be in, and the world will reciprocate depending on your choice. 用什么样的眼光去看世界你就拥有什么样的世界;你把世界想复杂了它就是复杂的,你不接受的复杂其实它就不属于你。