What I have, what you have, what we treasure…?

This post is a pretty impromptu one after seeing what one of my Chinese friend posted on her social media. I have to admit that there were a lot of times where I kept seeking new things to buy, new experiences to be accumulated, and having new stories to share… More often than not when I think about all these wants, I have never really pause to think if they are really what I need, or are they just a spur of a moment’s frivolous desires. And I have never think about whether I treasure the things that I have…

Anyways, today I saw my Chinese friend posting about her maiden trip to Beijing’s famous Peking Duck Restaurant, and she shared this particular dining experience with such joy and satisfaction… It makes me think back on when was my first time tasting Peking Duck in its place of origin? I was only 14 back then. Suddenly it strikes me, a person who has been living in his/her own country for the past 23 years have not tasted their version of national dish? Hmm… why? Hmm…

Another encounter was when I was updating my other friend about my travel plans, and I expressed hopes of meeting up if he will be traveling to a similar destination i.e. Taiwan. His reply came along the lines of, “You’re traveling again?”… On hindsight, their varied responses makes me think about my position against theirs… I am fortunate to have the resources and chance to pursue what I enjoy doing (most of the time at least), and never did I pause to think about this relatively privileged position that I am in.

I guess it is not so much of sharing how lucky I am or how lives could be better for others, what matters more is perhaps at every stage, we treasure what we have. And on this note, I think I should always remind myself to not take things for granted and even give back when I can.

To add on, when I was previously doing research, I came across this respondent who shared the importance of seeing our position in this world. She shared, ‘Children of Singapore, or even people of Singapore, in general they are lucky to have been born in this country. Most things are generally well taken-care of, and it is a small ship that moves fast. However, once the tides have changed, effects that this ship can experience will be very pronounced’. Yes truly, perhaps by realising our vulnerabilities, our strengths, and simply being conscious to treasure the advantage we hold, it makes you think through things in a more prudent manner?

Yea, and so beyond conversations on Peking duck and ‘extensive’ traveling, I am kind of glad to have friends who are around to share their stories. They serve as a reminder for me to take an interest in people’s lives, reflect on my own life, and simply listening to show my care.