With my friends – The United Kingdom I

“with my friends”… so this is the title i gave to our recent graduation trip together. four years of university life with a group of really fun friends, we’ve been through all the ups and downs together and many milestones in the most carefree period of our lives. so in this periodic blog and the upcoming blog posts, i hope i can document my feelings and reflections towards our trip and also friendship.

to be honest i didn’t have a single clue on how i want my graduation trip to be, it crossed my mind to explore China (alone again) just like what i did after my A-Levels. and the suggestion to go on a trip came up from K and E, which only then i gave it some proper consideration.

it seems a little surreal when you decide to embark on a trip and after booking that airplane ticket, everything else seem to fall into place? you get that drive to plan an itinerary, your accommodation, and eventually snippets (and imagination) of how you might spend your time abroad just sneak into your mind every now and then. i’m saying that all these happened before your trip πŸ˜›

anyways our first stop was London.. just a short three days there (3.5 to be exact), of which everyone agreed that it was too short. but then the highlight of our trip was up to the Scottish Highlands! it was in London that the thought of “i have graduated” became so clear and all set in. the revelation that after this trip, there is no responsibility of bidding for modules or preparing for a new studying term.. and responsibility only awaits us when we start work proper. as with every trip, i think the highlight is always the photographs and i shall let the photos do most of the talking.

just a note, my camera decided to end our friendship on the third or fifth day (i cannot really remember).. so majority of the photos taken on this trip is with my phone, and i think the quality is still not bad~


Les Miserables~

what’s a trip to London if you don’t go and experience its musicals and plays? we didn’t catch Les Miserables but managed to catch Ms Saigon.. equally good, a pity we were still jet-lagged and could not pay 100% attention during the show. nevertheless, it is still pretty breath-taking~


i really like Brighton, and the pace of life there is really slow and steady.. everything is so ‘indie-like’.. furthermore the people there are generally welcoming too. it is also in here that i had a really good time with my friends, and i think we opened up to one another a little more! sometimes we just need a change of environment to discover that inner-child and fun in us, plus doing things that we would never do back home… e.g. lying down in parks, doing cartwheels and taking photos of all these πŸ˜€

iconic red coloured bus, this one’s in Brighton

one of the good things about UK, or cold countries in general is that the option to explore the place on foot is not daunting. the cooling weather really makes all the walks so enjoyable, allowing us to explore hidden places… of course we get to stop and take our photos anywhere we like! more importantly, the street-life etc. is definitely a first hand experience of place when you explore by walking.

another icon: Brighton Pier’s Ferris Wheel


apart from the people being so welcoming, Brighton has a really open culture? hmmm… to put it in a clearer sense, i think it’s very accepting of the subaltern groups. on the day when we’re there, the town was holding a Children’s Festival, where all the elementary schools had a combined costume parade! we even caught up with a family dressed in the theme of mechanical instruments πŸ™‚

it’s a pity we will only be in the England part of UK for about 3.5 days.. which means a lot of things that we saw came in the condensed version. i must say that despite it being a rushed visit, London in particular gave me a really good impression. and if there’s ever a chance i will choose to come back again… i think this i can make it a goal πŸ˜‰


Third day: Bricklane Market

Brickland Market

on the third day we visited Bricklane Market and the Flower Market in the morning… these photos are pretty random, but they are so picturesque! a visit to the flower market is a good way to start the day, the scent and sight of fresh flowers really brighten up your mood πŸ™‚

my favourite: daisies


i used to like sunflowers… until they get too common? hmmm okay actually i still like sunflowers for the optimistic qualities they embody, but at the flower market it’s the daisies that caught my eye. they are just there: so unassuming, yet their supposedly ‘colour-less’ white made them stood out from a myriad of colourful flowers that band together.

different coloured roses~

*roses are (not) red πŸ˜›


lamp made from photo slides.

i guess in bricklane it’s where you find all the crafts and indie stuff again… looking at all these crafts it’s really such a wonder that now we’re so modern, and yet we are constantly looking back into the past for things to catch our attention. like what is ‘old’ and ‘traditional’ becomes really popular… hmm

personal take, not that it isn’t good. because i remember knowing a family friend who used to show us these photo slides, which contains photos that he took when he went overseas. so to me it’s something familiar, yet looking at it now it seems to be hyped up. of course we respect the traditional and classic stuff, but so many people’ pursuit of these things somehow makes them lose their class when they simply become a novelty?


seen in bricklane. such graffiti’s really common~

favourite photo of the day:
change is the only constant.
fight it and i will sue you. LOL!


Snowflake: really good ice cream

after a good start in the morning, i met up with my sister. really really glad i did and stayed with her throughout during my short stay.. even if it means not being with my friends for most of the time in London, i think i made the right choice! they say absence makes the heart fonder, and im really happy to see my best supporter again

indulging in quality ice cream~

only with my sis does she really give in to my indulgence and… allowing me to spend money on my wants~ actually i just want to let her eat something really good, because i kind of guess when you’re studying overseas you have to keep an eye on your spending. i think my visit to London is a good chance to let her eat something really good and reward her, cos’ i know she don’t usually splurge on such things~~


another ice cream truck. i had too much for the day though


a small garden,
it looks like the one feature in Sherlock Season 1

Hyde Park!

my last 0.5 day in London, we went to Hyde Park. love this place, everything is so comfortable there. the whole set up of the park, the activities and amenities around, makes this a good hang out! the weather’s a plus factor too!

spotted: pudgy bird

this time round our stay in London and England (if you count the day-trip to Brighton) is not exactly long.. many people asked us why don’t we stay longer? well we had other travel plans, and i’m pretty sure we made the best of this 3.5 days, so no regrets! i think when i look back at this post, it will definitely bring back fond memories ❀