Random posting.

Taking a break post-lunch to fight off the food coma.. actually am just doing something that is taking attention my away from doing thesis, and i am rambling on.

have been reading a book that is not thesis related, yes i am that ‘daring’.. actually just making use of the time when i am commuting to school… to maintain a reading habit, and perhaps maintain my insanity self 😛 the book is about this author’s thoughts on growing up and his reflections on having lived through his 20s. some stories on love, family, friendship, but most are his reflections when he looked back on his 20s.

read something really nice from the book and i thought perhaps i would note it down:

“体谅是整个行为的妥协,绝非语言、气势、用词谴所能涵盖”… no idea how to give it an accurate translation, but my personal understanding is: to pardon someone, do it whole-heartedly, it should not be mixed with feelings of compromise, or done out of emotional considerations. it is to truly accept that course of action and put the episode behind you..

difficult to achieve i guess but very ideal to work towards. and the afternoon post is incomplete without media sharing:

was positively distracted by Spirited Away and this song has such a calming effect~ sounds melancholic yet hopeful at the same time 🙂


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