It’s ‘snowing’ again…

It’s ‘snowing’ on WordPress ^^

exams are over, finally. this time round it was a little different, i had one exam that falls on the third last day of the exam period.. some might say it’s good so i can focus on revising for it. but having experienced it this time round, i really wouldn’t want to try again.

personally it works better if i have a few exams that are scheduled close to each other, cos i can catch the revision momentum.. this time round it was just draggy and towards the end i just want to get it over and done with. nevertheless exam is over, and thesis time is here.. it’s going to be a fast month and i hope everything goes well for my peers and myself… dear December, please be nice 🙂

on a side note, i really trust my gut feeling… but somehow, sometimes i am doubtful too. 愿切顺其自然、水到渠成。。这将是最好的安排 🙂


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