reflecting the “Fish and Shit” moments…


Morning view of Kompung Luong, Tonle Sap Lake

Haven’t blogged for the longest time, and when i do get down to doing it i soon realised that this blog may perhaps exist only for the thoughts i have after travels and impactful events. of which impactful events are still pretty iffy until they actually do happen LOL. and so here i am to pen down some thoughts after GE4221 Field Investigation in Human Geography..

we went to Cambodia and today marks the end of the actual two-weeks journey, before this i was still filled with anticipation and trepidation towards the trip. nevertheless, having seen so much, experience so much, and be exposed to never before situations i am still thankful that i have signed up for this. somehow when i look back, i have no idea where to begin recollecting this journey and its moments.

surrounded by people who wants to know about our adventures, a part of me is quite reluctant to share them. all because i believe this journey is a pretty exclusive one, and the special moments cannot be conveyed through words (or maybe i am bad at conveying them? i have no idea).

it truly is an experience that is: you have to be there to know and understand; and i believe there is some sort of  academic study that covers such emotions, and i am currently not aware of..

anyways i guess this means i won’t be sharing any moments with people, unless they do ask in such a way that triggers my thoughts.. hmmm.

just thankful for this learning experience and exposure, it is always difficult to say goodbye to an awesome chapter in our lives and i truly am thankful for the company of 25 other friends and the Cambodian buddies whom we’ve met.

this trip gave me new insights into who i am as a person, what i look out for in people and situations, and gained new friends 🙂 everything to be grateful for~

oh “Fish and Shit” is because we were living floating lives for most of our journey. a change in living conditions is also something to get used to, this itself is something memorable too.

and lastly putting something our prof shared with us: “I soon realised that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within” – Lillian Smith

PS: let’s aim (or try) to stay happy, stay healthy, and stay kind 🙂 heh heh

一段旅程结束了;累并快乐着、累并感恩着,其余的尽在不言中。这次的收获和感受用 “如人饮水,冷暖自知” 最为贴切。