Night Thoughts

Do you know there is actually a poem that is titled “Night Thoughts”? i didn’t know until i googled it, and it’s a really random process.. because i wanted to know if there’s a term that can describe a person thinking so much more at night as compared to day time.

have you ever experienced it where you start to think more about things when nights falls, and most of the time it’s on topics that may not be directly associated with your work (what one is primarily doing i.e. working, studying etc… ) i kind of like the late-night thinking bit, but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and even futile…

i once read a Chinese book where the author suggests: don’t think too much, but rather go out there and start doing (take action). apparently because thinking may give the false impression that you are actually doing something worthy and accomplishing something, but the thoughts don’t necessarily translate into actions. i guess it isn’t wrong, and i also interpret as how the author advised against overthinking. nevertheless thinking may translate into introspection too…

once again it is at such an hour that random thoughts come ‘flying’ into my mind… most of the time they ‘speak’ to me in Chinese and i suddenly had this thought: 一个人可以没有原则,而这样的人很多时候有很大的容忍度。但是请不要把没原则与没底线混淆了。因为每个人有的一定是底线,越过了后果自负。

i don’t really think i can offer a good English translation… sometimes i marvel at the beauty of a language, yet at the same time i also think about how i am still inadequate in switching freely between two different languages.

on a side note i have been trying to read more now, both academic and non-academic materials… after two to three weeks of not touching books and texts since exams, it is really quite challenging to pick up the momentum. i guess i have to start at some point, and hopefully i can carry it through.. in fact i have to~

“人与人之间,以诚相待,大家都为我们心中的善而不懈追求。” 🙂