Coming Home. 归来


归来 Coming Home poster


It has been some time since i watched a really good film (not the blockbuster kind).. and “Coming Home” was really good. of course the presence of film-pro (Zhang Yimou, Chen Dao Ming and Gong Li) was a drawing factor too..

maybe it’s because i have knowledge of the cultural revolution and also some knowledge about Chinese cinema, it makes me really appreciative of this movie. it’s really nice to see how things learnt from texts can be applied or adapted to our daily lives in various aspects… the movie’s story doesn’t have the typical climax or an ending but the presentation and narration of the whole movie are nicely tied together.

anyways, i wouldn’t mind watching it over and over.. it somehow reminds me of Dr Volland who taught the film class i attended in Y2.. towards the end of the film everything he taught just came back and i thought: if he had the chance, maybe he will include this in his teaching list! but a pity Dr Volland is leaving Singapore soon…

nevertheless i guess Coming Home is a film that i will not forget any time soon.. if there’s something else i will write about it will be: it is really really touching. i was seated between two women, and for half the time i could hear them sniffling… it may not make you bawl, but the emotions and subtle meanings conveyed are really effective.

PS: i think my writing has really gotten worse, and hopefully practice will make it better~


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