happy pill…

leaving in two days time, for a 5-month learning experience, adventure.. to handle stress, happiness, moodiness, joy, gratefulness and kindness all on my own.

i definitely have this feeling of trepidation, and sometimes i even thought of not going anymore (in the past i’ve heard of people feeling like this and i wondered why would anyone think like that? but this is very real…) i guess taking that first step out is most important, and this is really a test for myself.

i thank my friends for all the encouragement, and reminders that i have to constantly be introspective on this “journey of self and world”.. i am thankful that at this point people around me all have so much faith that i can’t help but be reminded by one friend’s sharing before my a-level general paper… he said, “have faith in yourself because others have faith in you”.

even though it might not be easy, i’ll try and will do what makes me become happy in a short period of time… happy music.. i am actually playing this piece as sight-reading the past two lesson, but imagine the speed of my playing is about 3/4 only.. hah

and on more thing, i am starting to like Clementi more and more.. just really delightful and joyful classical pieces.. anyways.. cheers to happy music and its happy pill effect 🙂


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