There’s always more to things

Read an online article about Samantha Lo aka Sticker Lady. i really resonate with some of her views and so i guess im sharing the article here, as archive for myself or anyone who happens to read the blog.

Link: I Still Stand by My Work 

yes, some will say she is wrong to do what she did, but personally i always feel that there are two sides to the coin.. so of course on one hand the way she chose to execute things might not be good (and btw, she already knew it’s not legal and prepared to face the consequences if caught) and anyways this particular article’s emphasis is on her intention.

the ‘back story’ to why she did it, and personally i feel that execution aside, her ideas are actually good: to take back spaces and define them with singaporean-meanings. (maybe this is some geographer ‘fetish’ about spaces and places..)

the article is meant to share hers ideas and her motivation, not so much the execution or discussion about her right/wrong. i may not be an artist, but i do appreciate arts and art, i think it gives people the chance to be expressive which is important (as indicated by this blog’s tagline)

and there’s always more to things, beyond the vandalism and charges, there’s always both a good side and bad side to anything.

PS: i think being able to make a reader think about what she says (by sharing her ideas), she is already in the process of getting people to talk and think about the current state of things 🙂 quite smart!


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