what’s your beauty? after reading about Korea..

What’s your beauty?

I will begin this post with a disclaimer first because i guess people who know me (close or mere acquaintance) will never see me as on interested in Korea.. i was always more of the China person, and i proudly show that side of myself. before i digress…

i will have a disclaimer first, i’m not well-informed about the korean culture.. my best link with it will be:
1) i still follow k-drama when i have time
2) i had beginner korean lessons, of which i remember all the vowel sounds.. one day i promise myself to revisit this intelligent language after tertiary education where i can have more time to be 100% focused on it..

anyways my friend/senior Alice shared a link, not a ‘direct direct’ introduction of S.Korea but i kind of learnt from reading something about this country.

Link: I Wasn’t Beautiful Enough to Live in South Korea

what caught my attention in this article is not the myriad of examples the author has used about Korea being appearance-oriented, but the last part of the article about inner beauty.

i kind of understand that Korea is still much rooted to the Confucian culture and heritage, and good character still holds great importance (they have really remarkable etiquette in my opinion), so it can’t be that bad that..

but the thing about inner beauty is it takes time, it takes time to know a person through interaction and quality conversation. and even after all these, one is unable to fully understand any person. which makes judging a person entirely base on the inner beauty very difficult.

as mentioned the rat race in Korea is so great (even greater than Singapore), how does one stand out immediately to make sure you don’t ‘lose out’? i would say appearance: easy and direct.

perhaps this is why they value looks so much and to have fair skin is also an indication of class (darker skin tones inference to peasant class who has to work in the fields)..

my point is not encouraging plastic surgery or agree that the society is only superficial. but as human beings we are first and foremost visual beings and truthfully nice things will catch our attention first.. the only sad thing is the chase for beauty has caught up with us that we might become disillusioned and forget that other things matter too (this is not applicable only to Korea)

common saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” this is true.

one may or may not fit in appearance wise in a foreign land, but i do believe that interaction among people is based more than on your appearance. if you are confident of yourself and strive to hold yourself well, show people the inner beauty through little gestures and your attitude, i do believe the aspect of outer appearance will no longer be the ruling factor in the long run. and of course one can still continue to keep up with appearance based on personal choice but hopefully not to conform.

i am still finding what is my beauty, i believe it’s not static (inner or outer or whatever is applicable) 🙂

in other news… it’s wise if we can have the chance to get away from whatever that stifles us if it is personally difficult to overcome~

PS: i don’t know if it can be a reflection piece, but the writing bug caught me after reading that 🙂 also i am not adverse to Plastic Surgery, it’s a personal choice imo. and thanks Alice for sharing a quite insightful article!


2 thoughts on “what’s your beauty? after reading about Korea..

  1. 说得好 At the end of the day, it is about how you interact with people, rather than how you look like. True enough, pale skin, double-eyelids, slim figure and being pretty is very highly regarded and appreciated by most people, not just in Korea but everywhere else. But it is really what’s inside that determines how long can that friendship or relationship last at the end of the day.

    Regarding the looks department, what matters more is “MAKING AN EFFORT” to be presentable, clean, pleasant looking etc, because this definitely shows if you love yourself enough to make an effort. I think it’s important to differentiate that with obsessing over looks. Perhaps in Korea, people work so hard on their looks for all kinds of reasons, but I do believe that a lot of them are doing so because they know this is part of the confidence package that they want to achieve eventually.

    • I agree your point on “Making an Effort” to look presentable and as form of basic courtesy to yourself and others (y)! haha of course the obsession part often has people over looking the qualities that really shape meaningful interactions 🙂

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