There’s always more to things

Read an online article about Samantha Lo aka Sticker Lady. i really resonate with some of her views and so i guess im sharing the article here, as archive for myself or anyone who happens to read the blog.

Link: I Still Stand by My Work 

yes, some will say she is wrong to do what she did, but personally i always feel that there are two sides to the coin.. so of course on one hand the way she chose to execute things might not be good (and btw, she already knew it’s not legal and prepared to face the consequences if caught) and anyways this particular article’s emphasis is on her intention.

the ‘back story’ to why she did it, and personally i feel that execution aside, her ideas are actually good: to take back spaces and define them with singaporean-meanings. (maybe this is some geographer ‘fetish’ about spaces and places..)

the article is meant to share hers ideas and her motivation, not so much the execution or discussion about her right/wrong. i may not be an artist, but i do appreciate arts and art, i think it gives people the chance to be expressive which is important (as indicated by this blog’s tagline)

and there’s always more to things, beyond the vandalism and charges, there’s always both a good side and bad side to anything.

PS: i think being able to make a reader think about what she says (by sharing her ideas), she is already in the process of getting people to talk and think about the current state of things 🙂 quite smart!







PS: 与其说只有一个我想念的人,这里的感触致给我想念的人们。

what’s your beauty? after reading about Korea..

What’s your beauty?

I will begin this post with a disclaimer first because i guess people who know me (close or mere acquaintance) will never see me as on interested in Korea.. i was always more of the China person, and i proudly show that side of myself. before i digress…

i will have a disclaimer first, i’m not well-informed about the korean culture.. my best link with it will be:
1) i still follow k-drama when i have time
2) i had beginner korean lessons, of which i remember all the vowel sounds.. one day i promise myself to revisit this intelligent language after tertiary education where i can have more time to be 100% focused on it..

anyways my friend/senior Alice shared a link, not a ‘direct direct’ introduction of S.Korea but i kind of learnt from reading something about this country.

Link: I Wasn’t Beautiful Enough to Live in South Korea

what caught my attention in this article is not the myriad of examples the author has used about Korea being appearance-oriented, but the last part of the article about inner beauty.

i kind of understand that Korea is still much rooted to the Confucian culture and heritage, and good character still holds great importance (they have really remarkable etiquette in my opinion), so it can’t be that bad that..

but the thing about inner beauty is it takes time, it takes time to know a person through interaction and quality conversation. and even after all these, one is unable to fully understand any person. which makes judging a person entirely base on the inner beauty very difficult.

as mentioned the rat race in Korea is so great (even greater than Singapore), how does one stand out immediately to make sure you don’t ‘lose out’? i would say appearance: easy and direct.

perhaps this is why they value looks so much and to have fair skin is also an indication of class (darker skin tones inference to peasant class who has to work in the fields)..

my point is not encouraging plastic surgery or agree that the society is only superficial. but as human beings we are first and foremost visual beings and truthfully nice things will catch our attention first.. the only sad thing is the chase for beauty has caught up with us that we might become disillusioned and forget that other things matter too (this is not applicable only to Korea)

common saying “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” this is true.

one may or may not fit in appearance wise in a foreign land, but i do believe that interaction among people is based more than on your appearance. if you are confident of yourself and strive to hold yourself well, show people the inner beauty through little gestures and your attitude, i do believe the aspect of outer appearance will no longer be the ruling factor in the long run. and of course one can still continue to keep up with appearance based on personal choice but hopefully not to conform.

i am still finding what is my beauty, i believe it’s not static (inner or outer or whatever is applicable) 🙂

in other news… it’s wise if we can have the chance to get away from whatever that stifles us if it is personally difficult to overcome~

PS: i don’t know if it can be a reflection piece, but the writing bug caught me after reading that 🙂 also i am not adverse to Plastic Surgery, it’s a personal choice imo. and thanks Alice for sharing a quite insightful article!

the feeling now.

I always thought i’m so beyond the scared for results or outcome thing… at least i hoped to be so now that i look at it rationally…

but evidently not, and you know the feeling that
1) you used to be confident, and even feeling alright with yourself but then,
2) time has passed and the next thing you know you are facing uncertainty and you can no longer feel like 1) cos it seemed so long ago. the thing is “seemed so long ago”

it seemed such a dreary process that even recollecting how hard i worked seemed like something so distant, and i only banked it on the fact that i quite enjoyed what i did back then.

i can only hope that it reaps good outcome and that when i look back tomorrow, that perpetual and inevitable feeling of “i could have” will not catch up on me.

or actually more importantly i will be satisfied, contented, pleased with myself if i do see what i hope to see.. as a saying goes, “i forgive myself and give myself chances”. perhaps our society should value more on this phrase, because more often than not we remain to be the harshest critiques of ourselves.

ps: it’s this uncertain feeling that i get and i never really felt it before this, i hope it will be something pleasant… but i dont know since i rarely and almost never experienced it before.