photo that gives a peaceful feeling,
i believe that i took this in Pasir Ris Park, Singapore 🙂

Nobody is more special than any one else, simply because we are all special/different in our own way. but being inherently different does not make us any similar too?

i’ve come to realised that thinking takes up energy, and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in one’s own thoughts and get drunk on oneself (placing too much emphasis on yourself). that doesn’t mean we cease to think, but whatever we do there is a degree of control by ourselves.

i used to think that i learn from reading and understanding everything i’m exposed to in my own way, by internalizing those lessons. they are not wrong, but recently i’ve come to realise that you can also learn by emulating others too. people whom you think can be a role model and people whose traits that you so desire for yourself. it is not being a copycat, but it is simply learning and making yourself better. that is how i see it..

finally, i would like to say that i want to approach things without any expectations from others and in return there will be a mutual agreement on having no expectations of me either. the above is hard to achieve, but i do want to achieve that state of mind to a certain degree, so that i can place less stress on myself too.

i guess it’s similar to giving/receiving criticism. recently read an interview article and the interviewee said, “I don’t think it is very motivating to make someone listen when it makes the person feel bad and even angry and resentful.” how true.
it’s always good to have a third opinion, but it is also good to realize that some day all these negativity will also become a thing of the past.

ending off, it is good if we consider how best do we want to live right now, right at this moment. what can i do to maximize the best of me, and in doing so we are simply living. it is just living according to a belief i have inside me.

PS: perhaps when i look back i will cease to agree or appreciate what i have written now, this too may be a thing of the past? if that is the case, here’s a reminder for my future self: at some point the above thoughts are what you believed in that allow you to live right for that moment.


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