IMM is not all that wrong..

I remember reading an article about how millennials (people born between 1980s to 2000 are called) are very IMM in nature. IMM = I, Me, Myself.

I guess it isn’t totally wrong, but my personal interpretation is not that we are becoming more selfish compared to other generation, it may not even be all that negative. IMM has something to do with how we are being influenced? Since young we almost have access to any kind of information at the touch of our finger tips (internet!!!), it’s a double edge sword. While we are deemed to be more independent in learning and more well informed than previous generations, we are also faced with more uncertainty. There is a saying that goes: the more one knows and gain access to information, the more we are aware of our own inadequacies.

and perhaps it is this ‘knowing’ that makes us more empowered to change or even more vulnerable, therefore the urge to first and foremost protect ourselves.. which inevitably making us more self-centred?

Disclaimer: I don’t have a definite answer and maybe this post serves as a purpose or even an excuse for my personal laziness before i continue.. 

Most of the time I would want to be a thinker, a do-er, but not having to worry. Sometimes worrying comes not only from knowing too much, worrying may come in the form of  facing uncertainties, things you can’t control and even fatigue.

Maybe these days, that one day, that one moment, you may feel too tired to do anything. You may take a look at your plate and decide that: “At this moment, I have a lot to deal with and I simply don’t want to do anything or even think about it.”

Yet this thought is a vicious cycle, the more you stop at doing, the more you worry because something is there but you are not propelling yourself to take enough action. How then does one break away from it all? I guess it is alright to feel fatigue, tired and even scared.. it is even okay to become self-centred and IMM in such lethargic moments, it is okay to stop doing for awhile..

It works both ways, give yourself a chance to admit your vulnerability, give others a chance to be vulnerable for being tired (who hasn’t face such situations?). Take a step back, not do anything and work towards where you can start from zero – a fresh state of being/mind.

To end off, it is okay to be IMM, as long as you resolute to find yourself afterwards. After all “lethargic days will pass and I will be alright after some rest”

PS: It is more important to restart than carry on tired and reducing your potential. and maybe at this moment i am being IMM to things I have to do.


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