Writing… and anticipating… and keeping track~

Year 2 has ended for me! it has been a ride, a journey and also growing up.. actually i kind of like it, some things could have been better but i know it’s good to move forward. just really glad to have known a group of really nice friends and made new ones too, and thankfully exams have ended.. i just hope for it to be good~

and not summer has sort of begun, my plans are basically… take a really good break to recharge and some ‘me’ time, before FS and praying for really smooth application regarding SEP admin matters etc. within this period. part of me is anticipating SEP and a part of me has a bit of trepidation inside, but i know i want it all to turn out well, and being positive is the best way to go!

for now perhaps carpe diem is a good attitude to live with =)

nothing much but just really glad i can compose quite a bit, and do random drawings. not the best, perhaps one day when i’m ready they can be showed to people other than myself..

one last thing… i used to think i do not want to be defined because frankly speaking we all change some way or another, but recently i guess if i have to be given a fix identity to live with, i want it to be student.  #justsaying~


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