Exams has officially begun for me, okay i have another week to my next three papers but i still think i am already in exam week after ending my first paper today..

anyways nothing much just that recently i had so much thoughts and new insights about life… yea not the preachy type what life is about.. but perhaps a better understanding and not so much understanding about the world? i mean it’s a matter of the more you know, the more you don’t know.. because honestly that is just life in general.

we are so small and perhaps insignificant in relation to what the world is really about, i guess knowing about this makes us humble too?

nevertheless i just wanted to type something, a ranting posting and just put my thoughts out.. in written form…

we can have our ideals, but sometimes we got to acknowledge the need to change them with changing circumstances…

this is my favourite thought of the day… We are stronger than what we think, and for that we need care too. Because we live on, with beyond the strength from ourselves.

this is my way of sharing how when we feel helpless/hopeless/vulnerable and very sad, we can always be comforted that support is always there. that is when we finally clear our minds and come to see this.. that support is still there, and always will be. and for that we are not alone no matter how negative it feels.

i once read this one liner that makes sense: “lethargic or bad days are inevitable, but i also know they will ultimately be a thing of the past and everything will be good again.”


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