happy emo song…

Not sure what would be an appropriate title for this post since it’s only a sharing of a new song i’ve heard, and since i am also not a frequent ‘sharer’ so dedicating a particular section would seem phony..

anyways so here i am blogging about Seo In Guk’s new song.. it’s a happy emo song, cos although the lyrics and tunes are quite sad but because it’s a nice song on its own, it’s actually quite pleasing to the ears. i happened to know what the lyrics is about because of very kind stranger netizens who translated them (not as if i can tell if they are accurate, so benefit of doubt goes to translators all over the net…)

only know Seo In Guk acted in “Reply 1997” which was very well received by my friends, and after exams i will be catching up on this particular drama haha. but i didn’t know the actor actually started out as a singer first, talk about being really multi-talent. and i think the actress in his MV is also another really multi-talented Ku Hye Sun, wow she is even more remarkable dealing with so many different art forms (paint, act, sing, write, direct, compose etc…)

i guess people might say they are jack of all trades and master of none, or also look at it this way that these artistes are pursuing what they enjoy and creating their own kind of art.. and it’s really their problem if they don’t master everything, what do we care as long as the work is pretty decent~

nevertheless i think korean artistes are really talented and credit given to them for putting themselves out there for their artistic pursuits, albeit inevitably for people to judge…

last note, there has been hyped about PSY’s new song, but i personally choose Seo In Guk over PSY anytime.. interestingly Ku Hye Sun also from YG, and they do look quite nice in this MV! so random ^^

PS: as this post is being written, i see a giant lizard ‘strolling’ across the living room floor… i should take a photo of my house’s resident lizard =X #justsaying.


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