keeping track..

This semester is passing by so fast and i sometimes feel like i am not totally immersing in it.. as in things are so fast that everything seems to be touch and go.. it’s just that the feeling of being grounded is lacking a bit this semester. i really hope i can get it back, and to do so i thought maybe i will blog and remind myself about what has been going on…

Singapore On Screen

This was the film competition my team and i took part in, and it was organized by FASS to credit undergraduate students for their efforts and attempt at making films? it’s a good exposure i think, albeit not a high profile or prestigious competition.. anyways i’m so happy that my team won the 2nd prize for the non-fiction category ^^

i am still benefiting from that work produced by my friends and i.. nevertheless it definitely made me more informed about film and interested in film making.. sad to say FASS is only starting to offer a film minor this year, i would definitely immerse myself in those courses BUT. i am almost completing my Chinese Studies minor and this new minor offered came a little too late.. i guess i can always find means and ways to continue have associations with film-making, but not now where other things are still a priority for better or for worse.

Piano Practical

It has been about two weeks since my piano practical exam and i guess it went okay. not as well as i would want it to be, i blame nervousness and myself for that, but i know i tried my best to calm my nerves. it’s really not easy since i have stage fright.. oh what an irony to be a performer of sorts but have stage fright..

but to top it off, now that it’s over i can really appreciate piano-playing without the the ‘pressure’ of gaining certification, though that definitely spur me on. and ironically my teacher said i seemed to be enlightened after the practical exam, which is a common sight. i was just wondering why can’t it come before the exam haha.. but piano and music is still very important to me.

i guess the two eventful things for this semester stops here.. i don’t think i want to blog about the geog soc. activities because those are directly related to school and frankly speaking sometimes they make me so busy that it is not 100% enjoyable, though it can be 99% enjoyable but i really want to just credit things that gives me 100% enjoyment.

i can sound very ‘pampered’ but maybe deep down the artsy stuff is really what makes me happy?

lastly… just a bit of reflection, despite the lack of a grounded feeling, i really want to make this semester work… do well pull cap then go for my sep with a peace of mind. and of course this semester i am thankful for wonderful group mates, where everyone does their share of the work and just being accommodating towards one another.

it’s funny how when i look back now.. this blog started off as my attempt to create a reflection-travel kind of blog. but i haven’t been blogging a lot about my travels. not that i have done that much, but i think it’s time to keep that promise to myself to keep track of my travelling.. fulfilling that wanderlust~ this would happen definitely after exams ^^


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