Exams has officially begun for me, okay i have another week to my next three papers but i still think i am already in exam week after ending my first paper today..

anyways nothing much just that recently i had so much thoughts and new insights about life… yea not the preachy type what life is about.. but perhaps a better understanding and not so much understanding about the world? i mean it’s a matter of the more you know, the more you don’t know.. because honestly that is just life in general.

we are so small and perhaps insignificant in relation to what the world is really about, i guess knowing about this makes us humble too?

nevertheless i just wanted to type something, a ranting posting and just put my thoughts out.. in written form…

we can have our ideals, but sometimes we got to acknowledge the need to change them with changing circumstances…

this is my favourite thought of the day… We are stronger than what we think, and for that we need care too. Because we live on, with beyond the strength from ourselves.

this is my way of sharing how when we feel helpless/hopeless/vulnerable and very sad, we can always be comforted that support is always there. that is when we finally clear our minds and come to see this.. that support is still there, and always will be. and for that we are not alone no matter how negative it feels.

i once read this one liner that makes sense: “lethargic or bad days are inevitable, but i also know they will ultimately be a thing of the past and everything will be good again.”


What hope will be like…

Before anything else, I just want to say it’s always great to have friends.. and even better if you have a friend who is so much smarter and more importantly, wiser than yourself.

i always thought i was wise, but somehow when it comes to yourself it’s hard to be objective and level-headed.. so having a wise friend makes you see things in a new light (good or bad), it’s almost like a timely reminder~ so thank you to my friend ^^

and since it’s Friday and exams are near… i guess there is nothing much to say, it’s one of those times where you get that silence is just sufficient for the moment~

ending the weekday with what hope will be like.. it’s a nice song i heard over the fm and it makes me feel hopeful or maybe just feel not negative 🙂

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Before I continue with my wallow in self pity mode, and letting things affect my momentum I think it will be good to just put down the not good stuff.. then move on from there.

didn’t do well for individual cities level 3 quiz, quite badly but it’s 10% so hopefully my class participation makes up for it.. and this makes me know that my finals is serious business now, it was serious business before, but now there is no bargain.

second thing, thank you to my other teacher for being so patient with me. somehow when i did badly, i feel bad not so much for my results (because i know the need to learn from there and be better, so i try to move on from myself) but even as i move on from my failures, the worst feeling is knowing i have disappointed people who have faith and confidence in me… more specifically my teachers who guided me.

but nevertheless they are ever so encouraging. i will always remember the Mdm who said,
“Don’t ever look backward, move on and look forward.”

and if I may share being a movie-junkie of sorts, I once read this quote by Julia Roberts, “pick yourself up and dust yourself off”

so now that i’ve put the unpleasant things down, it’s time to remind myself: MOVE ON and DO BETTER.

anyways just read the newspaper and something nice to share would be a health article about smiling. the power of smile..

“Smile, for everyone lacks self-confidence and more than any other one thing, a smile reassures them.” – Andre Maurois

PS: everything will be alright in the end, if it’s not alright it is not the end, yet 🙂

Redefining “Beautiful” | Thought Catalog

Redefining “Beautiful” | Thought Catalog.


Being beautiful is also about finding that confidence in us. it may take time to realize or be at ease with yourself, but we can eventually find it if we allow ourselves to..

and thankful that at the start of this week i can come across something that inspires me..
“There is so much that a person can do, if we truly present ourselves to the world”. ^^

happy emo song…

Not sure what would be an appropriate title for this post since it’s only a sharing of a new song i’ve heard, and since i am also not a frequent ‘sharer’ so dedicating a particular section would seem phony..

anyways so here i am blogging about Seo In Guk’s new song.. it’s a happy emo song, cos although the lyrics and tunes are quite sad but because it’s a nice song on its own, it’s actually quite pleasing to the ears. i happened to know what the lyrics is about because of very kind stranger netizens who translated them (not as if i can tell if they are accurate, so benefit of doubt goes to translators all over the net…)

only know Seo In Guk acted in “Reply 1997” which was very well received by my friends, and after exams i will be catching up on this particular drama haha. but i didn’t know the actor actually started out as a singer first, talk about being really multi-talent. and i think the actress in his MV is also another really multi-talented Ku Hye Sun, wow she is even more remarkable dealing with so many different art forms (paint, act, sing, write, direct, compose etc…)

i guess people might say they are jack of all trades and master of none, or also look at it this way that these artistes are pursuing what they enjoy and creating their own kind of art.. and it’s really their problem if they don’t master everything, what do we care as long as the work is pretty decent~

nevertheless i think korean artistes are really talented and credit given to them for putting themselves out there for their artistic pursuits, albeit inevitably for people to judge…

last note, there has been hyped about PSY’s new song, but i personally choose Seo In Guk over PSY anytime.. interestingly Ku Hye Sun also from YG, and they do look quite nice in this MV! so random ^^

PS: as this post is being written, i see a giant lizard ‘strolling’ across the living room floor… i should take a photo of my house’s resident lizard =X #justsaying.

At peace.

“how can you move on from someone who has been around you your whole life, even when you’re ready to let go.”

this thought came to my mind and suddenly i realized that letting go and moving on does not necessarily come as a pair, one can let go but one might not move on.. nevertheless i guess i am at peace now, i know it will take some time before getting used to it; an emptier house/room, no longer have someone to chat or bicker (yes we do bicker at times) with..

i guess it didn’t occur to me that she will pass, even though i’ve seen how she has weakened due to old age i know it is a matter of getting used to something and someone; and accepting it when that familiarity is no longer there. but if there’s anything that i could have gotten from this i guess it will be to be more tolerant and cherish what we have when we have the chance.

i was not as tolerant towards her when i was a child, sometimes impatient. but i am glad that as i mature i was able to find some comfort in her presence, this presence may not have constant communication but it is just a presence that i am grateful for even till now when i look back.

i wrote this post thinking i have so much to say, but when i truly get down to it i don’t know what to pen down.. it is true that some things cannot be expressed with mere words and i guess this is the moment now.


对不起 年幼的我太猖狂,
谢谢您 让我学会了忍让。




因为这样我学会了 放下,
因为这样我学会了 珍惜
因为这样我更应该 铭记。


i don’t feel so good… maybe tomorrow i will feel better… there is so much to say but i don’t know where to begin.

thankfully today i heard a new song that distracted me a little… tomorrow i will continue with what i really want to let out. not that the song has anything to do with how i feel.