Randomness but not so random either…

Um… I kind of like browsing Tumblr, especially those art blogs that I follow.. Images makes me feel calm, and more specifically abstract art. so we’re free to interpret, there is no right or wrong and really judgement is often being overwrite by giving others the benefit of doubt.

While we’re at this, I was reading this interview by a celebrity and how it does give you some insights and maybe reflection of how wise this person is? People may say that people with high public profile often lie, and their credibility is really low, like their words are not ‘authentic’

Okay it’s really none of my business since I really can’t be bothered with all these fandom or media idolisation (is this the right term?).. But I guess one thing that I get out of reflecting and just random thinking is that, behind every lie there is some truth? To rephrase it, there is some truth to what has been said each time (like how it does reflect some part of our thoughts…) Then it occurred to me that lying to others would also be lying to yourself, I guess personally this is a bad feeling having to even lie to yourself.. and then we’re always told to question that is authentic… So i guess for most part I choose to give others the benefit of doubt.

Back to what I ‘gain’ from reading the interview is… I think we would do better with wise people rather than smart people..

Being smart in the straight forward manner means high IQ, but being wise in a way is allowing your good thoughts and experiences being reflected through your actions and words? (It’s all my own definition and no one has to agree)

Lastly, on a very random note I seem to feel detached to everything around me. It’s like everything else seems very over the top and sometimes I wish to tell people: please don’t see your life as one big drama, it can be your story but please don’t make it into a drama such that people has to agree with you on it being dramatic.

PS: ending with a great quote “knowledge is learning something every day. wisdom is letting go of something every day.”


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