wants and needs

I know how i’m always proud to practice minimalist living i.e. as long as it’s enough, no need too much kind of mentality? i mean towards my day-to-day living.. like when i lost my wallet i had minimal losses, even in my school hostel i have just the things i need (stationary, water kettle and sufficient clothes) nothing extra… okay basically it’s just living with what you need.

but i actually have bad habits i.e. FALLING PREY TO CONSUMERISM. yea i like to buy novels, films dvd and keep them; i have this dream that when i have my own room shelves of books and dvds will tower over me… and the worst habit i think is really following the crowd when it comes to gadgets.

i’m perfectly happy with my iphone and ipad now, i mean they serve me well.. but recently i’ve been looking for an excuse to switch to a Macbook Pro for a personal laptop. currently using the Vaio S-series. it has always been that OMG Macbook is really cool and i want to join the cool club (maybe it’s just me).. but after researching, Macbooks are more costly than an average laptop. i am definitely willing to pay for a Macbook, but the practical Taurus trait in me says: i’m only willing if there is a need i.e. my current one is beyond functioning well i.e. lags and virus attacked..

right now i’m caught in between, my Vaio so far is doing okay, not perfect since it sometimes shows a blue crash screen for no reason =X and my only insecurity is it will fail me when i’m on sep.. so yea this is my only reason for switching to Macbook.. and i already know i’m gonna be judged (by others and myself) if i make that switch now..

since when i buy something, i believe in the quality. i would be getting an rather expensive macbook for the quality and of course lightweight (retina series?).. and rationally it’s too much to be changing when my current windows laptop is doing fine.

okay another confession i am tempted to switch to macbook because, come on face it. IT LOOKS SO SLEEK AND CLEAN, it totally fulfils the Minimalist law in design right?

i guess i just need to rant and the best bet of me getting a macbook might only be in June and not this march.. since my vaio is still serving me well~


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