Insanely Spunky back!

I am finally having that ‘mood’ and time to blog again (y).. okay maybe i’m doing this to celebrate the start of a not so much break recess week, but it’s still a break from lessons and all.

so i walked home from the train station, 25minutes walk? surprisingly it clears my mind, and somehow i know i want to do this ‘crazy’ thing and get my insanely spunky nature out again..

it was pleasant, cos otw i met this middle age man who chatted with me.. i told him i was walking to clear my mind, while for him it was his daily 3omin walk routine. for the rest of that short walk we just walked in silence side-by-side, it’s almost like a stranger accompanying you on some journey. we then parted with “Good Luck” wish to each other.

i know the above sounds like a primary school composition, but it is definitely true. somehow my take from this walk home is not about embracing solitude and clearing my mind.. more of like how i too can be a tourist in my own country. i usually encounter such ‘accompaniment by stranger’ moments overseas alone; and somehow experiencing this in singapore makes is a pleasant surprise.

i guess because of this sudden urge, i’m going to make walking that 25min route a more common going home ‘routine’ every now and then. it’s really not about the walk, and i really don’t care if people judge me for ‘wasting; 25min of my life when i could reach home in 10.. i mean if i get something out of it (to clear my mind or simply feel good for doing out of the norm stuff), i really don’t care if i waste 25min.

on a side note, there was nobody else on the pathways except for me. kind of feel scary but after a while i really appreciate how safe singapore really is.. overseas it’s almost a dangerous thing to be roaming on the streets at night, even for guys.

i just want to repeat myself: it feels good to do whatever you want whenever and wherever you want. walking back home proves this point, and i really look forward to meeting other strangers in my future walks home~ 

so insanely spunky has revived, and sometimes priorities in life need to be sorted and re-sorted; my goal now is to be happy and fulfilled. i guess whatever that means i’m going to work towards them =)

PS: on a side note, i was speaking english the whole time to the middle age uncle, and half way through our convo he asked me, “are you from china?”… and i really don’t know how to respond to that except replying, “i’m local”… btw it doesn’t feel nice to be called from china every now and then, despite it being a fun thing from the start~ why nobody say i’m from japan or korea.. i wonder.. till then foofy~


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