Cloud Atlas

What is a good film? what is a good movie?  the response one will get is subjective… but now i am attempting to be objective.

Cloud Atlas, $100 million funding, star studded cast, an indie film (independent film)

i admit i am shallow at the beginning, i didn’t like it as the front part was boring to me. but after awhile you start to get the story, you start to get what it is trying to say. it is an intelligent film.

cinematography throughout the film was great, i think this is something about films that make you feel alive. the subtle portrayal and messages in the movie, all told through cinematography and editing. the editing of this film is definitely difficult to do, my only complain is it’s temporally and spatially confusing at the front bit (which can put viewers off)… too sudden a transition~ in any case one will get use to it after awhile and hopefully give it the attention it deserves 😉 that is when you start to watch it properly.

most people might say it is boring (when i was watching it, a guy behind snored and he left halfway). you see my personal opinion on watching films is you got to give it your 100% attention, give yourself a chance to get something from it. maybe this is call refining the experience of a cinema-goer.

personally, i like it now that i think back. i think my answer will be more definite if i watch it a second time, a third time etc… because for films, you need to study them to get them. subtlety is key, i always tell myself that.

i keep using films instead of movies because… somehow movies give the impression to entertain, just for the sake of it, laugh/cry/smile/scream; and easily forgotten… i like movies and films, i enjoy them.. but now i know i enjoy films more. Cloud Atlas is definitely a film, it may or may not set out to entertain, but personal take on it… it sets out to make viewers think.

to do it justice, i will not brush it off as a ‘chim’ film, i would say it is an intelligent film that would require multiple viewings before truly getting the most out of it.

and i think just maybe… i will watch it again =)

PS: am i being objective enough? i just hope i’ve applied what i learnt… sometimes serious viewing takes away the joy of cinema-going, but it is also serious viewing that lets you get the most out of a production 😉


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