A good farewell

I’ve been wanting to post this since Thursday but it has been delayed due to my own laziness.. and just before i forget i shall blog it as a reminder for myself.

it was a good farewell lunch with the Film Rangers’ girls, not everyone was present… but i would say it was with my closest working partners =) Dina’s definitely the best decision when we are inviting her into our group for the project. being a film minor, she has knowledge on filming equipment and editing; that’s not to say she did everything. she did a lot but she also allowed us to contribute and hands on the technical aspects of filming.

i would say she is a friend who is willing to share and teach, because of this i really took away a lot from my group project last year. i know i’ve been talking so much about this, but honestly i think i can only move on after March ^^

back to the farewell bit, Dina came all the way back to NUS to have lunch with XiaoFang and I.. she also shared her travelling stories with us.

i quote her: “now travelling 15hours or more by bus is nothing”, “you don’t have to plan much, just go anywhere with an open mind”, “open up your mind girls, you actually will enjoy that chaos”, “don’t be afraid and go travelling!”

she did three months of travelling around SEA, and when XiaoFang and I was listening to her i could feel that we’re totally awed by her. actually that makes us look forward to our SEP  to China.. now whenever i am scared i will keep telling myself: keep an open mind.

i think i will miss Dina, although we only took a module together, the project really made us spend more time together than i did with my other friends. i am not complaining here, but because we put in so much effort, it is a shared experience that i think will stay with us for a while..and exclusive to us maybe? hehe did i mention we even had the fantasy idea of going to Morocco to film with her; i don’t think it is a fantasy. it can happen if we make it, a few years later, it will =)

last but not least, we wished each other good luck and she wished XiaoFang and I all the best… haha two more years (Dina is graduating already)! well, it has certainly been a great experience knowing the Film Rangers’ girls and i took away lots of things from this.

PS: we are shortlisted as finalist for the competition ^^ and my new resolution is to keep in touch with her, without excuses!

photo 2 (1)

last photo together~ all the best 😉


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