wants and needs

I know how i’m always proud to practice minimalist living i.e. as long as it’s enough, no need too much kind of mentality? i mean towards my day-to-day living.. like when i lost my wallet i had minimal losses, even in my school hostel i have just the things i need (stationary, water kettle and sufficient clothes) nothing extra… okay basically it’s just living with what you need.

but i actually have bad habits i.e. FALLING PREY TO CONSUMERISM. yea i like to buy novels, films dvd and keep them; i have this dream that when i have my own room shelves of books and dvds will tower over me… and the worst habit i think is really following the crowd when it comes to gadgets.

i’m perfectly happy with my iphone and ipad now, i mean they serve me well.. but recently i’ve been looking for an excuse to switch to a Macbook Pro for a personal laptop. currently using the Vaio S-series. it has always been that OMG Macbook is really cool and i want to join the cool club (maybe it’s just me).. but after researching, Macbooks are more costly than an average laptop. i am definitely willing to pay for a Macbook, but the practical Taurus trait in me says: i’m only willing if there is a need i.e. my current one is beyond functioning well i.e. lags and virus attacked..

right now i’m caught in between, my Vaio so far is doing okay, not perfect since it sometimes shows a blue crash screen for no reason =X and my only insecurity is it will fail me when i’m on sep.. so yea this is my only reason for switching to Macbook.. and i already know i’m gonna be judged (by others and myself) if i make that switch now..

since when i buy something, i believe in the quality. i would be getting an rather expensive macbook for the quality and of course lightweight (retina series?).. and rationally it’s too much to be changing when my current windows laptop is doing fine.

okay another confession i am tempted to switch to macbook because, come on face it. IT LOOKS SO SLEEK AND CLEAN, it totally fulfils the Minimalist law in design right?

i guess i just need to rant and the best bet of me getting a macbook might only be in June and not this march.. since my vaio is still serving me well~

Insanely Spunky back!

I am finally having that ‘mood’ and time to blog again (y).. okay maybe i’m doing this to celebrate the start of a not so much break recess week, but it’s still a break from lessons and all.

so i walked home from the train station, 25minutes walk? surprisingly it clears my mind, and somehow i know i want to do this ‘crazy’ thing and get my insanely spunky nature out again..

it was pleasant, cos otw i met this middle age man who chatted with me.. i told him i was walking to clear my mind, while for him it was his daily 3omin walk routine. for the rest of that short walk we just walked in silence side-by-side, it’s almost like a stranger accompanying you on some journey. we then parted with “Good Luck” wish to each other.

i know the above sounds like a primary school composition, but it is definitely true. somehow my take from this walk home is not about embracing solitude and clearing my mind.. more of like how i too can be a tourist in my own country. i usually encounter such ‘accompaniment by stranger’ moments overseas alone; and somehow experiencing this in singapore makes is a pleasant surprise.

i guess because of this sudden urge, i’m going to make walking that 25min route a more common going home ‘routine’ every now and then. it’s really not about the walk, and i really don’t care if people judge me for ‘wasting; 25min of my life when i could reach home in 10.. i mean if i get something out of it (to clear my mind or simply feel good for doing out of the norm stuff), i really don’t care if i waste 25min.

on a side note, there was nobody else on the pathways except for me. kind of feel scary but after a while i really appreciate how safe singapore really is.. overseas it’s almost a dangerous thing to be roaming on the streets at night, even for guys.

i just want to repeat myself: it feels good to do whatever you want whenever and wherever you want. walking back home proves this point, and i really look forward to meeting other strangers in my future walks home~ 

so insanely spunky has revived, and sometimes priorities in life need to be sorted and re-sorted; my goal now is to be happy and fulfilled. i guess whatever that means i’m going to work towards them =)

PS: on a side note, i was speaking english the whole time to the middle age uncle, and half way through our convo he asked me, “are you from china?”… and i really don’t know how to respond to that except replying, “i’m local”… btw it doesn’t feel nice to be called from china every now and then, despite it being a fun thing from the start~ why nobody say i’m from japan or korea.. i wonder.. till then foofy~

Cloud Atlas

What is a good film? what is a good movie?  the response one will get is subjective… but now i am attempting to be objective.

Cloud Atlas, $100 million funding, star studded cast, an indie film (independent film)

i admit i am shallow at the beginning, i didn’t like it as the front part was boring to me. but after awhile you start to get the story, you start to get what it is trying to say. it is an intelligent film.

cinematography throughout the film was great, i think this is something about films that make you feel alive. the subtle portrayal and messages in the movie, all told through cinematography and editing. the editing of this film is definitely difficult to do, my only complain is it’s temporally and spatially confusing at the front bit (which can put viewers off)… too sudden a transition~ in any case one will get use to it after awhile and hopefully give it the attention it deserves 😉 that is when you start to watch it properly.

most people might say it is boring (when i was watching it, a guy behind snored and he left halfway). you see my personal opinion on watching films is you got to give it your 100% attention, give yourself a chance to get something from it. maybe this is call refining the experience of a cinema-goer.

personally, i like it now that i think back. i think my answer will be more definite if i watch it a second time, a third time etc… because for films, you need to study them to get them. subtlety is key, i always tell myself that.

i keep using films instead of movies because… somehow movies give the impression to entertain, just for the sake of it, laugh/cry/smile/scream; and easily forgotten… i like movies and films, i enjoy them.. but now i know i enjoy films more. Cloud Atlas is definitely a film, it may or may not set out to entertain, but personal take on it… it sets out to make viewers think.

to do it justice, i will not brush it off as a ‘chim’ film, i would say it is an intelligent film that would require multiple viewings before truly getting the most out of it.

and i think just maybe… i will watch it again =)

PS: am i being objective enough? i just hope i’ve applied what i learnt… sometimes serious viewing takes away the joy of cinema-going, but it is also serious viewing that lets you get the most out of a production 😉

A good farewell

I’ve been wanting to post this since Thursday but it has been delayed due to my own laziness.. and just before i forget i shall blog it as a reminder for myself.

it was a good farewell lunch with the Film Rangers’ girls, not everyone was present… but i would say it was with my closest working partners =) Dina’s definitely the best decision when we are inviting her into our group for the project. being a film minor, she has knowledge on filming equipment and editing; that’s not to say she did everything. she did a lot but she also allowed us to contribute and hands on the technical aspects of filming.

i would say she is a friend who is willing to share and teach, because of this i really took away a lot from my group project last year. i know i’ve been talking so much about this, but honestly i think i can only move on after March ^^

back to the farewell bit, Dina came all the way back to NUS to have lunch with XiaoFang and I.. she also shared her travelling stories with us.

i quote her: “now travelling 15hours or more by bus is nothing”, “you don’t have to plan much, just go anywhere with an open mind”, “open up your mind girls, you actually will enjoy that chaos”, “don’t be afraid and go travelling!”

she did three months of travelling around SEA, and when XiaoFang and I was listening to her i could feel that we’re totally awed by her. actually that makes us look forward to our SEP  to China.. now whenever i am scared i will keep telling myself: keep an open mind.

i think i will miss Dina, although we only took a module together, the project really made us spend more time together than i did with my other friends. i am not complaining here, but because we put in so much effort, it is a shared experience that i think will stay with us for a while..and exclusive to us maybe? hehe did i mention we even had the fantasy idea of going to Morocco to film with her; i don’t think it is a fantasy. it can happen if we make it, a few years later, it will =)

last but not least, we wished each other good luck and she wished XiaoFang and I all the best… haha two more years (Dina is graduating already)! well, it has certainly been a great experience knowing the Film Rangers’ girls and i took away lots of things from this.

PS: we are shortlisted as finalist for the competition ^^ and my new resolution is to keep in touch with her, without excuses!

photo 2 (1)

last photo together~ all the best 😉