The past week has been pretty okay, but come week 3 it’s when all hell breaks loose.. not so exaggerating but that’s when tutorials kick in. but i shall remember to pace myself and just give my best.

anyways something ‘eventful’ happened, i lost my wallet for a moment.. thank you to mommy flora for accompanying me to find it everywhere.. fortunately it was returned to me. but i am still thankful to have someone be by my side when i’m flustered.

actually while i was flustered i wasn’t into panic mode when i lose my wallet.. cos i kind of lived in the minimalist mode at this stage of my life.. i only had three important cards and $10 in my wallet.. so cancelling the cards were easy as they are replaceable within 3-5 days and really $10 is not too much to lose due to carelessness i guess?

so when i told my friends i lost my wallet they seemed to panic more than me, but because of how i minimized stuff in my wallet i wasn’t too worried. but i am thankful to have friends who care =)

yeap after this incident i am more convinced than ever to live in the minimalist mode.. sort of the just enough to live well idea? not towards my work, work should always be given 100%.. but things like daily stuff, just the bare minimum should suffice; this works well for me at least because i have a careless nature.

speaking of which maybe i should look out for a money clip to maximize the minimalist approach for things in a wallet ^^ money clip actually restricts you from bring out too much stuff, just FYI.

tomorrow i must finish reading to prep for tutorial.. today was spending time with the family watching a movie which i might talk about later i guess..


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