Eight years and counting…

Don’t you ever feel that issues that pop up suddenly are just so annoying? because they spoil your plans, make you panic, throw you into a state of uncertainty and anxiety. and just cos i have so much things to worry about right now, i’ve decided to distract myself by blogging something happy..

Yuan-ma’s 22nd birthday celebration.. we didn’t really celebrate her 21st with her last year but nevertheless we made it a point starting this year to celebrate birthdays together (no matter how busy we are). i think for this group of people i can safely say we are kindred spirits?

cos on a side note, this outing we kind of realised that a 21st party is somewhat pointless and more specifically overrated :\ *no offence to people who believe in having 21st b’day party* personally i wouldn’t want one..

anyways we’ve known each other since Sec1,  and despite the class changes (streaming) and school changes (JCs), we managed to keep each other in our lives for eight years and counting.. although i still don’t share my very personal things with them all the time (actually i don’t share it with anyone =\ so let’s move on); with them i can still feel innocence and just free of worries somehow..

that is not to discredit my other close friends whom i think the dynamics of friendship is definitely different, i mean obviously when you are with different group of people with different accumulated personalities how we interact is different.. so the idea is not really being mutually exclusive, but rather at different instances each group of friends touches you differently.

with this group of girls, i guess because we been through that adolescence period together, we are comfortable with each most of the time, and i think that is enough and important to sustain our friendship.


the birthday girl and her wishes!

Yuan-ma is my pretty friend, i remember there was this ‘prophecy’ talk where someone once said she will venture into the entertainment industry.. actually i don’t really care if she does, but my point is i am not surprise cos she is pretty and i’m sure she meets the aesthetics standards *being thick-skinned and praising my friend* ^^


two birds

i never really post photos of my friends and myself cos i’m concern about the issue of privacy but i guess this post is an exception cos it’s a happy post! anyways it was a nice celebration at Star Vista, a new shopping establishment in Buona Vista. one interesting fact is that this mall is not air-conditioned except for the individual shops; yet it’s built such a way to keep temperature at a comfortable range for shoppers.. making use of natural air circulation perhaps?

another observation i made as a geographer is how spacious this mall seems to be, granted that it might not be too well known yet, i found the place to have a number of open spaces which makes it less claustrophobic or stifled to be in.. knowing how small our country is, it’s difficult to go anywhere without experiencing the overpowering crowds.. so i really like it 🙂


 and of course i cannot do a post with pictures without photos of food and myself.. no prizes for guessing the dessert place, but it’s really satisfying and a stress-reducing act to eat ice cream on a Friday evening ^^ yay to desserts and good company!


here are two birds, two pigs and one flying pig :p

this is me testing my ‘selca’ skills.. i’ve gotten the hang of self-shot more or less after travelling alone and travelling with only one other friend.. having the skill of taking self-shots meant reducing the need to ask for help from strangers which might be awkward at times. personally i don’t like to reveal that i am a tourist, though i can’t help it when i’m seen with the camera; but the least i can do is to avoid drawing attention to myself by asking for help (personal anal beliefs) haha!


last but not least a ‘routine’ Polaroid taken.. i feel that we all look pretty amazing and pretty here! one small acknowledgement, i think i’m kind of like the tom-boy/out of place character but it’s actually not that negative perhaps? what matters is i really enjoyed the company and here’s being grateful for the past eight years of friendship, and of course a wish that it will come true to the phrase  ‘eight years and counting’

PS: i’ve come to the stage of not labeling my friends as normal/good/ best since i don’t know when? cos as i grow up, i realised there isn’t a need to give a hierarchy to them as long as we share a friendship that provides support.the labeling thing is really just superficial and unfair.. if everyone is so close with you it’s kind of impossible to have like 8 best friends right? cos the word ‘best’ should be for the exceptional one, but personally best or good or normal, every friend is a special person that i’m lucky to have met and have them be part of my life.


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