Technology Detox, an on-going lesson

What is Technology Detox? i came across this term reading today’s Sunday Times.. because as much as i do not like reading our local Straits Times, there is one particular columnist (Sumiko Tan) whose articles i read. it’s actually a very light-hearted read; and it’s mostly her thoughts and opinions which i guess can be taken with a pinch of salt if one doesn’t agree.. although i think there has been a bit of controversy surrounding her (i don’t follow that aspect)~

in today’s article she wrote about a ‘fail-proof’ resolution, which is chilling. in the generic sense she meant not being tied down to a particular resolution but rather just enjoying each day in the way and pace she wants to? personally i still like the idea of fulfilling the ‘great’ resolutions, i see them as a challenge to better myself. anyways that aside, i found one thing which she mentioned to be very valid.

“Technology Detox”. Sumiko Tan gave herself that mini resolution: for 60min everyday, she will do away with any device that has a screen (TV, computer, mobile phones etc) so it’s all about unplugging and knowing that the world wouldn’t end or become disastrous in her absence.

when i read that it came as a reminder, i am sure many of us know how we are becoming slaves to technology and how distracted we’ve become.. i admit that even when doing my readings i would probably have looked through my phone for more than eight times over the one or two hours… that is despite knowing nobody will contact me because i’ve delayed replying to people to the point that they would just call and no SMS.. hah then what am i checking my phone for?

i guess it is just getting used to touching the smartphone and looking through SNS, overtime one has probably developed a phone addiction because it is less boring looking through interactive media compared to ‘dead’ words and readings.

back to my main point, after reading this article i find myself wanting to experiment with it too. allowing myself to exercise Technology Detox everyday; i think this is actually good right? in that one hour without distraction, i could have focused more on my studying and being efficient with work.

it is hard, but it is right and i’ve come to realised that things are difficult to do usually benefit us more. (yay to growing up :P)
so while i am typing away my winding-down blog post, i know that the next moment i will be starting this detox session too.. just getting to practice it and to try it, i feel is a lesson that we need to be constantly engaged in esp. when we are living in a world of technology.

here’s wishing me good luck and like-minded people who have attempted their own Technology Detox success!

PS: this post suddenly feels like those GP-ish “discuss on technology” qns, but just FYI the original article is in today’s Sunday Times life! section, Pg 18 (Date: 20 Jan 2013).


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