A different day…in school.

Okay I finally attended my first class yesterday, actually make that two lectures.. somehow this semester feels different. I know how change is the only constant, but what i’m feeling right now is pretty indescribable..

there is something that is different but i can’t seem to point it out.. everyone around is very much occupied and it’s only week 1; hope we can all survive the hectic school life and of course maintain a good balance of what we want to do VS what we need to do. by the way, thanks to past experiences, i’ve come to realise that appropriate shutting out is very beneficial..

i hope i can maintain this skill and whatever different feeling i am experiencing right now will turn out to be positive, actually i know it will just gotta make it happen~

one last thing, i hope that in whatever we do we will be happy. isn’t that the aim of living? to live happily, or at the very least not make yourself miserable since you can control and adapt how you interact with your surroundings. maybe it’s all part of human behaviour? i don’t know this struck to me cos i had a class on animal behaviours yesterday hah!

feels really nice to write to no one in particular~ just write…


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