(First) Day of School…

Today is the start of a new semester, a semester with quite a bit expected of me. but i haven’t started my lessons since tutorials don’t begin until W3..

nevertheless i went to school to settle some non-academic stuff and of course attempt to dig up stuff from IVLE + cleaning up my hostel room.. though i will not be staying in school for the whole week i will still spend at least two nights in sch and subsequently the second half of semester school is going to be where i work.. outcome to be productive i hope =)

so today met up with the ranger girls to submit forms for our film entry.. yea we are entering a short film competition and i really hope for the best.. even if we didn’t win, well at least we tried and we did well for the project. anyways seeing them again makes me happy, somehow, because we accomplished something great together!

btw this sem i am not doing any CH mod, and feels a little bit empty probably because i have been doing CH mods for the past three sems.. nevertheless i shall still look pass this and that i will have chance to do so in the future~ speaking of which i have no intention to lose touch with the Chinese language since i am going on exchange to China after this semester..

while we are at the “Chinese” talk, seeing a teacher’s words made me realised how judgmental i was in the past.. (my Sec 4 Chinese teacher)… i knew he’s  a nice teacher but i’ve always thought my teacher is just a joker.. but what he shared today made me believe that every teacher has something to offer, if a student pays enough attention..

anyways this was what he shared: “没有什么事是过不去的。各位小朋友,请记得你们所流下的汗水与泪水,终将成为浇灌你们人生大树的养分。你的人生态度,将决定你们未来是一个怎么样的大人。你们的人生才开始,好好努力,加油~~~!!”

really wise words from him and somehow it makes me feel a bit warm and fuzzy that i can still learn from him even though he don’t teach me anymore..

lastly, back to the film talk.. i’ve learnt a lot and though the workload is heavy i do not mind a single bit. “the happiness from last semester continues because i did what i enjoy, such a blessing is hard to come by.” i can only pray/hope/look forward for these moments in the future!

first lecture starts on Wed and there is also my first physical geog mod in nus.. well i shall not see it as a necessary evil but try to make the best of it!

All the best for school and may it be a smooth year ahead =) JIA YOU!


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