Crystal Clear

Ever come across someone/something that baffles you or frustrates you? i think this is really common for everyone, but i’ve recently noticed one drawback (for myself) after introspection.. i tend to judge/conclude quickly.

after that i will regret, because upon receiving more information our attitude towards events changes too. sometimes things become crystal clear when we lay them on the table and talk about them. it will always appear daunting and scary confronting all that we have to juggle. i do not think this will be any easier as we get older it’s going to get more complicated perhaps; but one thing is clear i want to make my life better and so i’m learning to confront things i have to deal with.

by confronting i am first step to sorting them out, and i think it’s the same for dealing with people or things. by facing the “fact” you’ll gain information that helps you make informed choices or shape your approach and attitude to things.

sometimes all it takes is to be honest with yourself and things become clear.. what appears to be daunting may end up to be really not that scary after all..

and after a while i think i am getting better to not judge people quick, but rather just take a step back.

school is starting soon, and i shall not think so much. taking things one step at a time might be a really good advice now. hence, we “celebrate” with:


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