Proper Resolutions, 2013

Happy New Year! May everyone be healthy and happy in 2013, and all the best. Actually, the thing that I hope for the most in 2013 is for everything to go smoothly, and even if there should be hurdles they should be resolved eventually and that I would get something positive out of it (gaining a lesson and maturity).

Now we’re at it, I should properly give myself some concrete resolutions. Of course I don’t want to be bogged down by them, but they could serve as a guide for me to make the best out of 2013!

1. Improving in Year 2 Sem 2. 
I did pretty good for the first semester, I mean I improved but I still have some way to go before I hit my goal of a second upper. I will be realistic that my accumulated CAP will not hit it unless I maintain my standard in Sem 2. That said, it doesn’t mean I should give up and not work hard. I am still pulling my CAP to my own goal, so I will work towards it.

Sem 2 might be a little bit challenging cos I will be doing mods that I am not familiar with (a physical geog module and a lvl3 taught by a new prof). Nevertheless, I shall make the most of my learning and believe in myself =)

2. Gain more confidence and believe SEP will work out. 
Truthfully speaking I am still a bit scared at the thought that I am going to SEP in Year 3 Sem 1.. First things first, the dateline to get my SEP documents settled is about a month and I should really not rest on my laurels and get them done soon. The longer I drag the more I will be “burdened” by their incompleteness.

Of course since I am going where most Geographers won’t go, to China for SEP; I still have a bit of apprehension in me. That said one comforting thing is that people around me believe in me, and who knows; I will make new friends and of course learn things. My very close teacher told me this, “You will not be the big fish there, but what you learn there, you bring it back.”

I will always remember her advice and keep myself going, thank you Ms Ho 😉

3. Do well for my Grade 8 Piano Exam
I don’t know if I have too much on my plate, I set them as goals to challenge myself and to emerge victorious in 2013. Furthermore I have been learning piano for almost my whole life. From it being a forced upon thing to it changing to my outlet and interests and hobby (hobby seems like a not serious attitude but I really like playing it during my free time). Okay, so I promised myself I will pass Grade 8 well, a merit will be my goal; before I set off for SEP and of course do my teacher proud!

4. Focus on what is important
2012 has taught me quite a bit and put in new perspective in my life i.e. what i truly care about and what are important vs what are just “garnishes” in my life. Family will always come first, I am beginning to believe in this more but I also do not want to be over dependent on my family to the point that I am unable to break away from this comfort zone. Always tough to strike a balance but I will will work towards it. Also fulfilling my duties to my CCA, having experienced it in Y1 and how “daunting” it seems; self-discipline is really essential here, so I will refer to this post to keep myself reminded.

Last but not least, ENJOYING WHAT I DO. This is something that I really believe, the most important thing to anything.. I will find it in things I do, or at least make myself come to enjoy them.. Think on the positive side I must say..

5. Remembering the intangible elements of life
I know how we always have those posters online telling us to savour the little moments and what not.. Sometimes I admit that I get skeptical about these things, because I would say how fast will this message be gone once we are bogged down by the “reality” of things and our obligations? So my 2013 final resolution is to stick to my previous post’s :

i) Enjoy everything that I’m involved in
ii) Give my best, in my own way and unbounded by others or feel obliged
iii) To treat learning as if I’m working, not be distracted
iv) Find one thing that I am thankful and happy for everyday
v) Fill up the pages of my journal, consistently

They are here to guide me, to let me grow and so I want to make it work.

PS: to anyone who might read this, whatever resolutions you may have I wish you all the best in achieving them and may your 2013 be a fruitful one!



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