The past week has been pretty okay, but come week 3 it’s when all hell breaks loose.. not so exaggerating but that’s when tutorials kick in. but i shall remember to pace myself and just give my best.

anyways something ‘eventful’ happened, i lost my wallet for a moment.. thank you to mommy flora for accompanying me to find it everywhere.. fortunately it was returned to me. but i am still thankful to have someone be by my side when i’m flustered.

actually while i was flustered i wasn’t into panic mode when i lose my wallet.. cos i kind of lived in the minimalist mode at this stage of my life.. i only had three important cards and $10 in my wallet.. so cancelling the cards were easy as they are replaceable within 3-5 days and really $10 is not too much to lose due to carelessness i guess?

so when i told my friends i lost my wallet they seemed to panic more than me, but because of how i minimized stuff in my wallet i wasn’t too worried. but i am thankful to have friends who care =)

yeap after this incident i am more convinced than ever to live in the minimalist mode.. sort of the just enough to live well idea? not towards my work, work should always be given 100%.. but things like daily stuff, just the bare minimum should suffice; this works well for me at least because i have a careless nature.

speaking of which maybe i should look out for a money clip to maximize the minimalist approach for things in a wallet ^^ money clip actually restricts you from bring out too much stuff, just FYI.

tomorrow i must finish reading to prep for tutorial.. today was spending time with the family watching a movie which i might talk about later i guess..


What defines you?

I took a class on Social Geography last semester and that particular module sort of changed the way i view the world… or more specifically how i view the interactions/perhaps intention between people (and of course their environment).

anyways this is a morning post so i would have read whatever online news i can get my hands on, and i was just reading a report about the New Mexico teenager who had massacred his family. the question of “how should we be defined” (our identity) popped into my mind after reading it.

this particular person is labeled a teenager (cos of his age profile), granted this is almost the silent marker for any basic person-category.. then next comes the report with such a sentence: “He was a brother, nephew, grandson and cousin” 

the above line was apparently said by his uncle. it then occurred to me that he just defined his nephew in terms of his family role, and i remember past trends of reading news reports with similar style of definition mostly whenever someone makes a mistake or when someone passed away. but an identity is multi-faceted and influenced by different factors, i even found a picture for this belief of mine!

for these definitions, it struck to me as an attempt to make the person mentioned feel ‘close’ to you; sort of trying to relate you with the subject. anyways this massacre report basically mentioned how shocking it was for the family that something like this happened, and i guess the intention was to really dispel notion that the boy was a ‘monster’ as labeled by the press; like showing because he is part of a family and usually family members don’t do that to each other.

maybe it’s just me, but i feel that it is meaningless to define a person merely by the roles he/she plays (quite an obvious point) it’s as if other traits the person might have is not as important as fulfilling the role required of him? but i guess one thing is right about the article, the teenager mentioned has some issues and he should be given help and his fair trial..

the main point is not really about the boy, but more of how i’m really irk by reports that always attempt to sugarcoat something by defining a person with relatable roles. personally, if i did something wrong i would prefer people to just say that i have a problem; because i do not think that me being a “daughter, niece, granddaughter and friend” does not mean that i won’t commit a mistake. or rather your role is not mutually exclusive with your wrong actions (couldn’t find a better phrasing)..

if it matters i would rather be defined by traits of how i carried myself.. then again definitions are always biased.

PS: just for today I found Yahoo! news reporting from a nice and less Cliché perspective.

Eight years and counting…

Don’t you ever feel that issues that pop up suddenly are just so annoying? because they spoil your plans, make you panic, throw you into a state of uncertainty and anxiety. and just cos i have so much things to worry about right now, i’ve decided to distract myself by blogging something happy..

Yuan-ma’s 22nd birthday celebration.. we didn’t really celebrate her 21st with her last year but nevertheless we made it a point starting this year to celebrate birthdays together (no matter how busy we are). i think for this group of people i can safely say we are kindred spirits?

cos on a side note, this outing we kind of realised that a 21st party is somewhat pointless and more specifically overrated :\ *no offence to people who believe in having 21st b’day party* personally i wouldn’t want one..

anyways we’ve known each other since Sec1,  and despite the class changes (streaming) and school changes (JCs), we managed to keep each other in our lives for eight years and counting.. although i still don’t share my very personal things with them all the time (actually i don’t share it with anyone =\ so let’s move on); with them i can still feel innocence and just free of worries somehow..

that is not to discredit my other close friends whom i think the dynamics of friendship is definitely different, i mean obviously when you are with different group of people with different accumulated personalities how we interact is different.. so the idea is not really being mutually exclusive, but rather at different instances each group of friends touches you differently.

with this group of girls, i guess because we been through that adolescence period together, we are comfortable with each most of the time, and i think that is enough and important to sustain our friendship.


the birthday girl and her wishes!

Yuan-ma is my pretty friend, i remember there was this ‘prophecy’ talk where someone once said she will venture into the entertainment industry.. actually i don’t really care if she does, but my point is i am not surprise cos she is pretty and i’m sure she meets the aesthetics standards *being thick-skinned and praising my friend* ^^


two birds

i never really post photos of my friends and myself cos i’m concern about the issue of privacy but i guess this post is an exception cos it’s a happy post! anyways it was a nice celebration at Star Vista, a new shopping establishment in Buona Vista. one interesting fact is that this mall is not air-conditioned except for the individual shops; yet it’s built such a way to keep temperature at a comfortable range for shoppers.. making use of natural air circulation perhaps?

another observation i made as a geographer is how spacious this mall seems to be, granted that it might not be too well known yet, i found the place to have a number of open spaces which makes it less claustrophobic or stifled to be in.. knowing how small our country is, it’s difficult to go anywhere without experiencing the overpowering crowds.. so i really like it 🙂


 and of course i cannot do a post with pictures without photos of food and myself.. no prizes for guessing the dessert place, but it’s really satisfying and a stress-reducing act to eat ice cream on a Friday evening ^^ yay to desserts and good company!


here are two birds, two pigs and one flying pig :p

this is me testing my ‘selca’ skills.. i’ve gotten the hang of self-shot more or less after travelling alone and travelling with only one other friend.. having the skill of taking self-shots meant reducing the need to ask for help from strangers which might be awkward at times. personally i don’t like to reveal that i am a tourist, though i can’t help it when i’m seen with the camera; but the least i can do is to avoid drawing attention to myself by asking for help (personal anal beliefs) haha!


last but not least a ‘routine’ Polaroid taken.. i feel that we all look pretty amazing and pretty here! one small acknowledgement, i think i’m kind of like the tom-boy/out of place character but it’s actually not that negative perhaps? what matters is i really enjoyed the company and here’s being grateful for the past eight years of friendship, and of course a wish that it will come true to the phrase  ‘eight years and counting’

PS: i’ve come to the stage of not labeling my friends as normal/good/ best since i don’t know when? cos as i grow up, i realised there isn’t a need to give a hierarchy to them as long as we share a friendship that provides support.the labeling thing is really just superficial and unfair.. if everyone is so close with you it’s kind of impossible to have like 8 best friends right? cos the word ‘best’ should be for the exceptional one, but personally best or good or normal, every friend is a special person that i’m lucky to have met and have them be part of my life.

Technology Detox, an on-going lesson

What is Technology Detox? i came across this term reading today’s Sunday Times.. because as much as i do not like reading our local Straits Times, there is one particular columnist (Sumiko Tan) whose articles i read. it’s actually a very light-hearted read; and it’s mostly her thoughts and opinions which i guess can be taken with a pinch of salt if one doesn’t agree.. although i think there has been a bit of controversy surrounding her (i don’t follow that aspect)~

in today’s article she wrote about a ‘fail-proof’ resolution, which is chilling. in the generic sense she meant not being tied down to a particular resolution but rather just enjoying each day in the way and pace she wants to? personally i still like the idea of fulfilling the ‘great’ resolutions, i see them as a challenge to better myself. anyways that aside, i found one thing which she mentioned to be very valid.

“Technology Detox”. Sumiko Tan gave herself that mini resolution: for 60min everyday, she will do away with any device that has a screen (TV, computer, mobile phones etc) so it’s all about unplugging and knowing that the world wouldn’t end or become disastrous in her absence.

when i read that it came as a reminder, i am sure many of us know how we are becoming slaves to technology and how distracted we’ve become.. i admit that even when doing my readings i would probably have looked through my phone for more than eight times over the one or two hours… that is despite knowing nobody will contact me because i’ve delayed replying to people to the point that they would just call and no SMS.. hah then what am i checking my phone for?

i guess it is just getting used to touching the smartphone and looking through SNS, overtime one has probably developed a phone addiction because it is less boring looking through interactive media compared to ‘dead’ words and readings.

back to my main point, after reading this article i find myself wanting to experiment with it too. allowing myself to exercise Technology Detox everyday; i think this is actually good right? in that one hour without distraction, i could have focused more on my studying and being efficient with work.

it is hard, but it is right and i’ve come to realised that things are difficult to do usually benefit us more. (yay to growing up :P)
so while i am typing away my winding-down blog post, i know that the next moment i will be starting this detox session too.. just getting to practice it and to try it, i feel is a lesson that we need to be constantly engaged in esp. when we are living in a world of technology.

here’s wishing me good luck and like-minded people who have attempted their own Technology Detox success!

PS: this post suddenly feels like those GP-ish “discuss on technology” qns, but just FYI the original article is in today’s Sunday Times life! section, Pg 18 (Date: 20 Jan 2013).

A different day…in school.

Okay I finally attended my first class yesterday, actually make that two lectures.. somehow this semester feels different. I know how change is the only constant, but what i’m feeling right now is pretty indescribable..

there is something that is different but i can’t seem to point it out.. everyone around is very much occupied and it’s only week 1; hope we can all survive the hectic school life and of course maintain a good balance of what we want to do VS what we need to do. by the way, thanks to past experiences, i’ve come to realise that appropriate shutting out is very beneficial..

i hope i can maintain this skill and whatever different feeling i am experiencing right now will turn out to be positive, actually i know it will just gotta make it happen~

one last thing, i hope that in whatever we do we will be happy. isn’t that the aim of living? to live happily, or at the very least not make yourself miserable since you can control and adapt how you interact with your surroundings. maybe it’s all part of human behaviour? i don’t know this struck to me cos i had a class on animal behaviours yesterday hah!

feels really nice to write to no one in particular~ just write…

(First) Day of School…

Today is the start of a new semester, a semester with quite a bit expected of me. but i haven’t started my lessons since tutorials don’t begin until W3..

nevertheless i went to school to settle some non-academic stuff and of course attempt to dig up stuff from IVLE + cleaning up my hostel room.. though i will not be staying in school for the whole week i will still spend at least two nights in sch and subsequently the second half of semester school is going to be where i work.. outcome to be productive i hope =)

so today met up with the ranger girls to submit forms for our film entry.. yea we are entering a short film competition and i really hope for the best.. even if we didn’t win, well at least we tried and we did well for the project. anyways seeing them again makes me happy, somehow, because we accomplished something great together!

btw this sem i am not doing any CH mod, and feels a little bit empty probably because i have been doing CH mods for the past three sems.. nevertheless i shall still look pass this and that i will have chance to do so in the future~ speaking of which i have no intention to lose touch with the Chinese language since i am going on exchange to China after this semester..

while we are at the “Chinese” talk, seeing a teacher’s words made me realised how judgmental i was in the past.. (my Sec 4 Chinese teacher)… i knew he’s  a nice teacher but i’ve always thought my teacher is just a joker.. but what he shared today made me believe that every teacher has something to offer, if a student pays enough attention..

anyways this was what he shared: “没有什么事是过不去的。各位小朋友,请记得你们所流下的汗水与泪水,终将成为浇灌你们人生大树的养分。你的人生态度,将决定你们未来是一个怎么样的大人。你们的人生才开始,好好努力,加油~~~!!”

really wise words from him and somehow it makes me feel a bit warm and fuzzy that i can still learn from him even though he don’t teach me anymore..

lastly, back to the film talk.. i’ve learnt a lot and though the workload is heavy i do not mind a single bit. “the happiness from last semester continues because i did what i enjoy, such a blessing is hard to come by.” i can only pray/hope/look forward for these moments in the future!

first lecture starts on Wed and there is also my first physical geog mod in nus.. well i shall not see it as a necessary evil but try to make the best of it!

All the best for school and may it be a smooth year ahead =) JIA YOU!