give the benefit of the doubt

Have you ever written something or said something, but with no attachment to it? your words are just patronizing tools, tools that seemed to be the politically correct thing to do.

yea, i have done something like this. and when i look back at those moments, i am not proud of myself.. that i guess is me exercising skepticism towards others, and even worse it might even be skepticism just because another person doesn’t share my belief. this is bad.

today i met with my teacher, one who has taught me since i was in primary school.. and till this day i still look up to her simply because of how she treats people. with respect and empathy, she is always kind and has not once flare up. i do not think her attitude is patronizing in fact i think her attitude is a positive and genuine one that ought to be learnt by many (including myself).

it then makes me reflect on myself and my own thoughts towards a certain incident recently. i may not have said it out clearly, but inside me i know that i am skeptical as much as i have acted in a way that appears to be gracious.

i don’t know how to put this across clearly, but my point is after seeing my teacher and talking to her.. i achieved an epiphany of sorts.

we can be skeptical, but at the end of the day while we want to indulge in our own thoughts and beliefs; we also have to acknowledge that others can do the same. for that i will try to give the benefit of the doubt to people whom i may disagree with, and tell myself that it is what they believe in.

keeping in mind that possibly, “what they believe in to them is as important as what i believe in is to me” (takes some time to digest this but i am also slowly putting it into practice)..

maybe by doing so, we are less troubled and can be kinder to people around us. acknowledging differences is the first step towards a better person. that said i’ll just mind my own goals and business, and make myself a “fuller” person…

ps: i will stop categorizing my blog posts with the category “thoughts” since it is pretty dumb that when i  express myself it’s definitely my thoughts.


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