Finding that child in…

I got to say this week has been really nice, and i am thankful for it.. caught my third movie for the week and it’s Rise of the Guardians.

i was actually skeptical about it, and since many people around me has watched it, i really want to find out for myself if it is really that good. and true enough i really like it.. initially i found it boring, but as they say you have to wait for good things..

the story has a really nice and happy ending which i like ^^  hopes, dreams, believe, fun.

yea the guardians of these things in our lives, believe in the ester bunny, tooth fairy, santa claus, jack frost~

actually… i felt guilty when  i have forgotten about them and perhaps apathetic towards them. i thought the movie was boring and
“typical”, i could find myself agreeing with it.. but after watching it i could appreciate the movie’s intention =) as long as we believe in them, it doesn’t matter if they are real or fake. fear is nothing if we allow ourselves not to be scared by it.

perhaps these values have always been inside, just need to take that effort to find them again~

i would say the movie made me think… maybe this is why we always say being young is good; because inside us we have acknowledge that we cherish that innocence we had when we were younger. we acknowledge how we used to have room for imagination only to unknowingly lose them to reality when we don’t make an effort to keep it…

that child inside me, that child inside you, that child inside us.


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