A Christmas Post ^^

Merry Christmas ^^ spending Christmas at home and doing nothing in particular.. i really like the feeling of such a “peaceful” day and of course it gets better when i get to listen to music that i like~ and once again it’s I Will by The Beatles ❤

speaking of which, managed to catch Les Miserables movie version on Christmas Eve.. was suppose to go alone, but since i informed my family members so i might as well asked them too.. well we didn’t sit together cos there wasn’t really nice seats for three people sitting together and sitting alone, it somehow made it feel like watching a movie alone again?

nevertheless the main point is we ushered in Christmas 2012 in a movie theatre and watching a really nice movie! of course there are flaws in it like the less than perfect singing and all, but i really like the story and plot. personally although the story might be set in a miserable world and all; somehow there are meaningful take away from the movie. so i guess it makes it good, and Anne Hathaway in particular is really outstanding despite her segment being quite brief~

that aside, i managed to catch up with watching movie.. cos i watched Jack Reacher over the week too.. some parts are really smart but it’s like a typical action movie with little surprises.. not going to bore with my amateur “critique” of movies..

anyways i have been reading =) thankfully for this and i think i will cherish this period a lot.. and got another realization or rather reflection.

questioning myself: is it really that great to be outstanding?

i mean i read stories and also have encounter with people around me.. sometimes people who are really brilliant, i mean really outstanding in their capabilities and all, they can be really critical too. benefit of doubt goes to them for thinking ahead of others and simple being better than others, but it makes them too critical about people and at some point imposing themselves on others (unknowingly).. in subtlety attitude and appearance inevitably gets more aggressive? it’s just my observation..

maybe one will still look good but somehow that aggressive sense is also present.. in Chinese there is a saying:相由心生. it meant how your appearance is reflective of your heart (for mediocre translation inner beauty or ugliness is being reflected?)

i think we can get drunk on ourselves, being too self-absorbed and all.. but it takes conscious effort to ensure that we are not changing for the worse and it takes effort to make yourself look better (figuratively) so perhaps it is great to be outstanding, but not to the point of being overly critical and if i may say, arrogant?

sounds like a preachy post, but i have no intention for it to be so.. sometimes it’s just the things that i think about and i like to note them down~ away from this heavy tone, another side could be if we’re more forgiving it would make all the difference. it’s okay to forgive and not forget, forgetting would make it all seem insignificant and loses what you believe in? that’s what i think at least… no need to be saint just be humane.

ps: be crazy as though you’ve not lose that passion and enjoy whatever we do~ results will be out tomorrow, somehow i am calm =)


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