Blessings, Optimism and Bravery

EXAMS ARE OVER! yay! and as the title of this post suggests, i’m going to touch on things that i’m counting my blessings for, being optimistic and brave/courageous…

anyways exams this time round seemed okay, i shall not think about them anymore except for the fact that i did enjoy all my modules (thankful for wonderful project mates becoming good friends with them already! and this is definitely something i am counting my blessing for..)

maybe i should make a list of things i am blessed with/thankful for, since it’s the festive season:

1. Family, they are the definite constant in your life i feel. my rock support, and also providing for me so that i don’t have to worry about my basic needs and can focus on doing what i like

2. Friends, even hi-bye friends where just a simple greeting can lighten up your mood.. and of course friends who offer you advice and just willing to lend a listening ear even when you know whatever you say is unnecessary rants

3. Education, as much as i would say i might not be able to study everything that i like i am still blessed to have an education (relative to kids who are less privileged) and made it this far.. i hope i can continue doing good =)

4. Great Mentors. i read somewhere that one can learn a lot from others, and this is definitely a fact.. most people would say they learn from their friends or whoever.. personally i like interacting with people older than myself, and i kind of like interacting with adults. they are my great mentors in life, i remember Mrs Lee, Mrs Tan, Alex, Rachel and other colleagues from nyps whom I feel blessed to know. i hope i’ll always keep in touch with them ^^

another great mentor is my piano teacher, and although i am not the best student one could have cos i didn’t put in as much effort as i should for piano, she is ever so patient with me and letting me absorb and learn better at my own pace.. now i truly appreciate piano more and it has become a refuge of sort for me. even Murni, my k-pop friend hehe i really appreciate her for the perspective she brings to my life ❤

so yeap my list of counting my blessings is a bit short, but i guess it’s really the quality of things in your life that counts..

and what about optimism.. somehow i just feel that i get more emotional easily and less “tough” you may say.. i worry too much and this makes me feel really awful about myself, and the frustrating part is i don’t even know why i am becoming like this. i guess i shall tell myself or maybe superimpose positive thinking on myself, it’s better to try forcefully than wallow in self-pity~

and before i touch on the so called “bravery” i’ll share this

have you ever watched this movie? i really like it, it may not have any underlying meaning or profound association but it is a meaningful film..

i remember one of the lines was “you just need 20 seconds of insane courage”.

well i really find this helpful.. sometimes it’s human nature to want things to be perfect and without uncertainties, so we will check and check and check and think and think and think… you get my point, we worry.

but if we stick to 20 seconds of insane courage to get something done, i mean it’s probably less harsh on your mind and heart.

and maybe if we have the courage, be brave enough to list down all our worries and problems.. we might not find them to be problems after all, and that they somehow can be resolved. think about now, when you look back at your so-called worries from the past they don’t seem to be that negatively significant right?

i shall need to do mpe, prep hk trip and worry about modules after i come back from my holiday. i am but a human and there is only so much my mind can handle when it comes to worrying.

ps: i got an sep slot, it may not be confirmed and somehow i feel a bit insecure about mapping modules.. but i will just face whatever comes my way.

smile more =)


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