late night revelation

have you ever watched something in a language that you do not understand, but at the end of it you are touched by it? and it even felt like you understood what was the director’s intention.

well i did today. after the film i felt more confused upon getting the message from the film. also confused as to why i’ve spent 1h45min watching it and not studying. despite the confusion, i somehow feel calm, and just looking at things from a lot of perspectives; albeit confusing myself.

how extraordinary that themes about humanity or themes pertaining to human nature can be conveyed even if it’s not explicit (in this case it cannot be made explicit because of the language barrier).. the movie by the way is The Peach Tree.

and results for student exchange program (SEP)  are out, more or less.. i am still waiting for mine. the longer the wait the more unsettling it becomes. somehow i got this thought: waiting is a grueling process, we’re forever waiting for something, waiting for someone, waiting for an outcome… waiting, it should not be so unpleasant yet somehow it can be.

perhaps i am made to wait now because in the past, i’ve imposed myself and caused others to wait and experience the gruel of waiting. i apologize for that. sincerely. i am sorry for that. now i just hope for a good news~

and so sis said i should be positive and not think about it.. resolution then becomes: i’ll smile more and think on the bright side.. after all smiling is contagious and it can spread to others who need it too =) and i didn’t say happy, because we should be happy for no reason and i don’t want to be happy because there is a reason to, i want to be happy even if there’s nothing for me to be so.

PS: i really am inspired to think because of the movie. and here is the ost..


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