fulfilled and comfortable

“I am a drinker with writing problems.” – Brendan Behan
interesting quote i came across~ 

This post is probably going to be real cheery and all.. because we have completed one of our major project assignment for this semester! i am so proud of my team, all girls by the way. and although there are sayings of how girls are perfectionist and very detailed, i must say for some things you really need us girls to be there and scrutinize..

for something like a film, the more attention you pay to the details the better the outcome of your work. and for once, i am comfortable to say that maybe being anal is acceptable.. but my personal belief of going with the flow still holds. anyways now that our documentary “The Broken Porcelain” is done and submitted, I cannot wait for its premier (plus our presentation) this coming Wednesday.. and hopefully something good will come out of it 😉

that said maybe because it’s a load off my mind and heart, i am actually not myself or maybe being too myself.. almost making no sense in things i say and being a clown in school.. but okay it’s probably once off~

i guess all i want to convey is: every part of me is smiling really happily today; all the frustration and negativity in the process are trivial. if we had chosen the easy way out of doing film review (which no one prefers), the end would not be as satisfying.

maybe cos’ you’re feeling really happy, and suddenly you become comfortable with everything around you.. to a certain extent, it feels great to share this joy.

but i sometimes wonder how much i can share so that people won’t feel “repulsive” to this overflow of joyfulness.. and with whom can i share without worrying if i’m imposing too much of myself.. maybe not at the moment.

of course reality hits that exams are about two weeks away, and i have one last assignment to complete. so i must finish it by this week! at least this is the target i set for myself, i need to focus on studying real soon; should not waste my effort of selecting modules that i’m interested in, only to do less than expected because i wasn’t conscientious enough to pull through. must do it.

thanks to my mood now, i am really comfortable with posing a self-shot with a grow-out hair of sorts (just thankful it doesn’t seem like a bad hair day).. and i guess i’ll caption it like this:

because i’m just working on one last assignment,
i think i’m entitled to act cute~ 

ps: i hope i will have this happy feeling on most days, and hope it applies to the people around me too =)


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