Tasting Christmas~

Very tired, but somehow have this urge to just write something.. or maybe share something. finally completed 3241 project and i’m really thankful and happy to be working with a group of great and dedicated friends =)

anyways the highlight of this post is to share my taste of Christmas… how so? since it’s a known fact that starbucks christmas drinks are out, it means they have those special flavour syrup! and Faizal introduced a new “concoction” that is probably only available during christmas season but it has to be a customized drink.. (photo~)


so here goes…

1. Order Green Tea Creme (non-caffeine base)

2. Request to change the classic syrup to peppermint syrup

3. Request to add a pump of mocha

4. Request to add javachips.

*oh faizal even suggested that we add whip cream with cranberry drizzle, so it gives you christmas colours i.e. green, white and red!

and… blend~ viola, the taste of christmas is yours in no time at all!

Disclaimer: all these come with additional charges, i shared a drink with SY and it cost $7.90 :O

yes very expensive, but it’s great trying it with a friend and honestly i wouldn’t buy it on my own.. but i guess some things you only do once in a while 😉


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