Talking about life… when i want to~

Week 10. I am starting to think all I ever have to blog about is school, feelings associated with school? but i know my life is more than that… Week 10, there isn’t much time left, but somehow these few days i feel like i am procrastinating and after that i feel very guilty.

don’t really know what to make of it but a close friend told me sometimes we need a break from all of that. yes i totally agree, but reality might be different no? and so i realised maybe it is time to stop with the pressure and stressed thing.

and today i will only blog about what i want to share, basically things that goes through my head with no regards to school or work. i have enough of those, for now.

just over the weekends i had a moment of “zoning out” that is allowing myself to not be focused, not a good habit but i mean it’s times like these that i really think about the “life-y” stuff.. all i have to say is… I really don’t believe in perfection. truthfully speaking if anyone tells me they are perfectionist now, i will probably judge them in my heart; in the past i used to think being a perfectionist is something to be proud of… but really as i get older i come to realize perfection is overrated.

i guess the more appropriate thing to say is: I strive for excellence, not perfection. you see, things are always changing i mean change is the only constant right? and if something is perfect it would only mean it is perfect for that moment and most likely it cannot be changed, and if it cannot change how can it adapt? without this, it will end up being imperfect again…

excellence on the other hand is the product of giving our best, it will not be subjected to any form of imprisonment.. because the essence of it all meant that it embodies our best effort and we have few regrets, and because it isn’t perfect as we become better, our benchmark for excellence gets higher too. that is really my conclusion, so i really don’t like it when people becomes anal and strive for perfection, i think they are just kidding themselves.

why push so hard for something when you might not enjoy the process?

i guess it really is something that i’ve read that sort of enlightens me, perfection is unattainable, but excellence is. and if i am constantly seeking perfection, i fear that i might just suck out all the fun and enjoyment from what i do.. which brings me to the next thing i want to type..

gain inspiration from your life everyday.

everyone lives a unique life and that makes it a remarkable thing on its own, even though it is not subscribed by the general public; but who is the one who says one’s life is less interesting than the other? i hope that i am not disillusioned and i can always seek out that fun and interesting aspect of my life.

recently i saw an article and something like this was mentioned:

“Prejudice stems from your own thoughts, just concentrate on what you do.
There isn’t anything particular but I try not to give myself too much stress. Good habits are of course good. But most importantly, I try hard not to give myself too much feelings of pressure. I feel it is important to enjoy it…I want to feel that I am playing as I work. That is how I try to think”

i really feel inspired by this work philosophy, and honestly sometimes meritocracy makes everything less meaningful and the only meaningful thing associated with it is numbers. it makes people who are actually good drop into the category of being not good enough when they have to match up against someone better. but so what if i cannot hit the top numbers, it does not mean that i am not good right? or if i hit the top numbers it does not necessarily mean that i enjoy what i am doing.

for now, i just want to take a step back and just seek out the fun part; not thinking about time and anything. i guess this is a form of salvaging myself.

ps: i am sharing my thoughts and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t being subscribed, i just need an outlet. and we all need more encouragement.


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