paying expression a visit

Been so long since I last typed a post here, or maybe i thought that it has been long…

week nine. it seems crazy that i’ve more or less survived till now, but of course tired and busy. shouldn’t complain too much, i guess everyone is more or less the same; just that i really cannot wait for this semester to be over!

and pray that i get sep, really need a break.

nevertheless, it is interesting how one assignment requires us to imitate the author and create a magazine from scratch… wow. talk about imitating writing style.. then i thought of something early this morning.


hmm direct, honest, unfeeling; but factual?

just glad i have a space to type whatever i want, like how i believe expression is important. may we all get a chance to express ourselves, in any way possible; no need to consider anything else but just put them all out in true honesty.

who cares if people judge, they don’t live your life, they should just concentrate on their own.

on a side note, i really hope i can share more photos there.. not just words, i will try~ but i really just want to share photos of my travels; other than that we’ll see..

and recently been into kpop, not a new phenomenon for me just more mindful of korean entertainment.. and i don’t think mine is too mainstream. a nice song to end this post with =)

PS: have a great life, smile more and think less. really thinking too much about the future freaks me out.


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