Hi, Stranger


Who are you? these days i don’t know who you are, on others i know you with the most clarity. you like things associated with sincerity, responsibility, fun, learning, food.

these days you are just disillusioned, i guess? oh how do i even begin to define you, when we both believe that a person is impossible to define.

can you even begin to find back that spirit that believes: it’s the process that matters more. what’s the point of getting to the destination when you don’t even remember the journey? and learning, enjoying that journey is what helps us remember.

so today, i hope you can begin to discard every single goal you set and be relieved, not feeling owned or possessed.

“go with the natural flow. if something works out, it was meant for it to be”


PS: you will never fall permanently, nor will you rise permanently. every stage becomes a thing of the past.


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