Reality and fantasy. insensitive cruelty

Reality always make sense, reality is indisputable, unproven possibility may some day become reality. reality is harsh, at times or most times.

so we stay in our little fantasy bubble, accepting and negotiating with what we are currently experiencing.. perhaps negotiating so well that believing this fantasy keeps us going, it sustains us. 

why do some people then, want to burst this bubble? even bursting it without knowledge is still cruel.

if you know people are willing to believe certain things because they might be real and it keeps them going; why do you have to offer an alternative to this? an alternative that is less rosy, an alternative that may be a possibility then finally becoming a harsh reality. 

why can’t that cruel person not acknowledge that sometimes fantasy keeps us going, and as long as it does not affect us negatively i.e. being absorbed in our own world; what need is there for you to burst that bubble? 

did it ever occur that bursting that bubble might kill that positive force that has kept others going on? nobody asked you to believe it if you don’t, but nobody asked for your opinion either… 

people who are insensitive. people i do not want to be like.


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